JayHays banned by Not_a_Shark

Title: JayHays banned by Not_a_Shark

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Ban Length:
3 days
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Ban Reason:
“As det and acap, decalred a manhunt on a traitor who had commited a murder. Please try to duptize instead of decalring somebody “valid” for the entire crew. Theres a history of bad sec conduct, so we are giving you some time of from secuirty roles.” - Not_a_Shark
Appeal Reason:

First of all,
I would like to make it clear that I was not a head of staff this round, I was a detective.

You are expecting me to deputize crew when I am the detective (not mindshielded), and am the only security official on the station. That is not plausible in normal circumstances considering the detective has no access to security lockers, let alone the Warden or HoS locker where they can get deputy armbands from.

I gave myself the Captain role in the ID console after I had declared a manhunt on the traitor.
Isn’t declaring a hunt for antagonists the job of security?

You say I have a bad history but my last sec related incident worth mentioning was over 2 years ago

Additional Information:

Giving myself the Captain role in the ID console does not mean I am the Captain or subject to the responsibilities of the Captain.


Why would a detective give themselves the captains role?


So what job were you? Can’t both be the detective and the captain, all while denying that you aren’t the captain. Also the role does give you some responsibilities if you’re a non-antag. Captains have the highest authority on the station, so by a glance others might think you are the captain and listen to what you say.

Sec shouldn’t be trying to scream for a station wide manhunt, that is Sec’s own responsibility to deal with and not the engineers or the botanists job.

From the sound of it, it was low pop with no command or security so I guess technically you could argue that detective would be next in line for acting captain on chain of command with so many vacant roles.

Theres a reason why it is a mere secuirty and not a command ban.

The Main issue here is the Manhunt you declared on the traitor via the comms coms console.
do you deny this?

I have also checked your notes, while some a while back, there are recent ones aswell.

No, it is not. You can assemble a deputy team, but not, in your own words, make people “valid” for the crew in general. They are no trained soldiers.
Giving yourself the captain role as the sole sec member with no other sec and command is very much claiming captainship in my eyes.

How is making an announcement for capable crew to kill the traitor and mass deputizing the crew to kill said traitor any different?

One is recruting a small team of volunters to aid you in taking somebody down, with you clearly in the lead.

The other is potentionally pitching the entire station agaist a lone traitor, inciting people to powergame and validhunt on their own.

Unless you deny that you made this annocement, the ban stays.

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Could you post the announcement? I don’t remember exactly what was said

Whenever you get a chance @Not_a_Shark

Yes, here
SAY: JayHays/(Danforth Boatlegs) (priority announcement) “I forgot to mention the second rule. First rule is don't kill each other. Second rule is, if you see anybody wearing Captains clothing, they are probably the slimey rat that killed the original Captain, so you can off them. Also anybody named Alberto may be shot on sight. They are a filthy traitro.” (Bridge (130, 172, 2))

heres your aditional Responce against the ticket.

  • @timestamp, column 3, row 2

(Danforth Boatlegs):
No I did not make a log of it and the announcement was declaring the traitor valid to anybody who could kill him

Bans Over.
Thanks for appealing