Jar Jar Stonks banned by LordGrievious

CKEY: Jar Jar Stonks

Admin’s CKEY: LordGrievous

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: The Golden server

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-20

Round ID: 10470

Ban Reason: Killed CMO during war ops unprovoked

Appeal Reason: I killed the CMO as the QM told me to not let any non-head personnel into the AI upload, when the CMO went in I did not examine him using the shift-click short cut and by mistake assumed him to be a regular doctor trespassing into the AI upload possibly trying to upload malicious laws to the AI. Ergo I decided to use some force to evict what I at the time thought to be a trespasser I did not realize that my attacks as a cyborg would that deadly as it was my first time engaging in combat as a cyborg. I usually play as Sec where my attacks aren’t as deadly. The nonsense that I had responded with as my explanation when the admin was questioning me during the round was due to a combination of lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawal, and light intoxication. I believe that a more appropriate punishment would be some sort of job ban from the cyborg role.

Additional Information:

I put the wrong ckey for mine its actually jarjorstonks

Were you Asimov?


I can’t find your CKEY.

sorry it was actually Jar Jor Stonks

Already served a couple days and original ban was only for you to justify behavior without shooting me nonsense in PMs.

Unbanned, in the future give real responses in ahelps plzkthx.