January 11th 2022

Status report, hour 1820

No signs of intelligent life found on the forums.


Nah, Wilchen I think you’re intelligent man.


Status report, hour 1823

I was approached by a sentient being, intentions unknown. Proceeding with first contact protocols.

“Hello there, what are your intentions.”

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To constantly remind everyone that they are a waste of space and should die accordingly.

Calm down there meteion

epic reference

The screams have died down for now. The Abductors seem to have passed you by. The lack of intelligence shown by you and your followers has saved you again. Would you like to continue?

Attempt peaceful contact
Eat a follower

(I sure hope no one gets this reference but anyone who plays SS13 is also immersed in obscure internet and video game culture so i expect that someone will get it eventually…)

nice another schizo thread :popcorn:



I Think Beestation Staff Are All from THE MARk zuckerberg planet I THINK… … . .

At least my threads are dumb,these are pointless.

Can confirm. I am from the metaplanet.

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