Jangobets - Banned by Bloons3

**CKEY:**Jangobets - Hubjunk

**Admin’s CKEY:**Bloons3

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? LRP

Ban Type: Multikey

Ban Length: Unsure

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-09-09

Round ID:

**Ban Reason:**Multi-keying

Appeal Reason:

Additional Information: I use several accounts for personal reasons; with regards too the ban. I was innocently murdered by another Player, so I hopped onto my second account, and put him in jail as the warden. I had a personal vendetta. This is my first offence. Regarding two accounts, I play between the two for Unique Antag Spawns, but don’t usually go as far as use them in the same round.

This is SPECIFICALLY against the rules, since it gives you a massive advantage over other players.


Okay; I know I should have left it as an IC issue. My bad, though considering it’s a first offence are you willing to revoke the perma-ban and just give me a couple days, I can wait.

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literally everything about this is yikes and kinda warrants extra investigation.

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I use several accounts for personal reasons

I don’t get how you think it’s ok to “ok to hop on another account because of a personal vendetta”, these are the personal reasons? Do you think others aren’t smart enough to figure out that you could basically have 2 lives this way or is it that everyone is obeying the rules and you chose not to for whatever reason? :thinking:

You literally admitted to metagrudging using multiple accounts, this is a very serious offense that will always lead to a permaban.

I sort of defended against a permanent ban at first in discord. Because new players generally just don’t know that well.

But this appeal and appearantly having around 600hrs spread out on the two ckeys used is just a

b r u h moment

The ckey jangobets also has a old but pretty good ban.

It’s rare that you see an appeal that makes the admemes consider re-investigating the ban as more serious, lmao

While he’s got some serious bans on account (this included especially), the issues are few and far in between. I would recommend a long but not permanent ban, and some voodoo regarding the unban to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Hey everyone. So my accounts been terminated permanently I came here too seek of a possible solution, I’ve not heard of anything up until now and I’m still perma.

Is there a chance I can play again? I’m not sure I was kinda left in the dark.

As for the appeal, I’ve stuck too my guns and haven’t escalated. Bee Station has been good to me, and honestly SS13 isn’t the same without it. My account in general hasn’t had too many strikes so I believe I can be reintergrated into the community without causing further incident. I accept whatever punishment and wish to be welcomed back.