Jager122 Player Report

CKEY: drmaccool

Your Discord: Dr. MacCool#6669

Offender’s CKEY: Jager122

Offender’s In-Game Name: Steph Scherer, though they were a comms agent so who knows?

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10-09-2021

Round Number: 32606

Rules Broken: R7

Incident Description: The offender went comms agent and proceeded to spend the next ~2 hours hurling abuse towards both myself and command. I can pull specific logs if needed, but you don’t need to scroll far at any point in the round to get a taste.

Additional Information: I am totally aware that playing an asshole is hardly worth any kind of disciplining most of the time. Hell, I would say I can toe the line myself on some AI rounds, where I usually embody a very embittered, cynical persona. But, I stand by the fact that I always try to keep things interesting, either by trying to keep to keep my quips and jabs somewhat original and trying to engage in some fun interaction as I turn up the slow boil of animosity. This comms agent did nothing to entertainingly engage with any of the people they so regularly slandered. It was just a de-moralising barrage of ‘idiot’, ‘moron’, ‘useless’ and so on without any of the humour or originality that makes roleplaying out that kind of exchange fun, with no way to disengage from them short of turning off TComms for the entire station.

I suppose I could just be called a big softie and just move on, but the whole ordeal felt all the more uncomfortable between the Captain’s own admission of inexperience along with myself coming back to playing AI after a break, which made the uneasyness between ourselves and the woefully understaffed crew all the more apparent. If the comms agent just took a breath once in a while or switched away from the repetitive battering after a period it would hardly warrant this kind of response, but they took it way too far with none of the wit or tact to turn it into anything entertaining for someone besides themself.


I just wanted to offer another side to this as to ensure people understand what occurred during that round. I utilized the spawner to become a syndicate comms agent for the first time, which I hadn’t done before, which naturally caused me to read into what the whole purpose of the agent and their contribution, and after a read, the wiki informed me that I was to impersonate Central Command and sow dissent amongst the crew from the comfort of my tiny base. That being said, I did proceed to criticize the AI primarily, maybe the captain every so now and again as to build up to build up the belief of my character being CentCom- to a level of success anyway. I did apologize afterwards to both the captain and the AI, as they were in fact doing quite well during that whole shift, and I felt bad for it- I did apologize to the crew as well since my character was being fairly rude about his criticisms throughout the shift. Although, I personally think this should be kept in-character, as I was playing to the role a personality to fit it, so to speak. I will apologize to you as well, as my character was quite rude and disrespectful. Thanks for your time! And hopefully we can figure things out!

Comms agent doesnt have to be rude, you just have to deceive people well, help your agent on the station, impersonate a sec off to give false report, tell CE that someone messing with atmos,tell crew that security is being shitsec, etc. Being only rude only make Crew hate you and work together well, because they have common enemy, you. Worst case scenario your syndicate base got attacked and you getting killed, which isnt the best.

This is just IC verbal abuse right?

I understand, I saw your apology in the post-round. I thought you might’ve been newish seeing that I’d never seen your Ckey before. Seeing that you admit to being inexperienced and seem genuinely remorseful, I totally forgive you. I takes a while to learn how to properly RP an asshole character without just being unpleasent to be around and that round was just finding out how to properly toe the line.

Sorry, that sounds super patronising. What I mean to say is that you clearly aren’t an asshole outside of that round, so while I can’t speak for any of the moderation team, I don’t think anything from that round is worth getting up in a fuss about now. You got heated, I got heated in response; I probably shouldn’t even have posted this report myself. I say we just promise to forgive and forget this whole thing.

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I completely agree, I hold no grudge against you whatsoever, although it is true that I do need to learn the balance of playing a rude character. Although, that being said, I’m honestly glad you made the report in response to your doubts on making this- it allowed me to grow on the criticism, if that makes sense. I thank you for accepting the apology though, and for responding. And yes, I forgive and forget! And I can’t wait to see you in game again! And remember not to feel doubt in yourself when pointing out incorrect RP!


wholesome outcome

Most wholesome Disney ending to a player report I’ve seen so far.


Ok it seems from the looks of it this report resolved itself.
Do you still wish for me to investigate it further?

I don’t see any point. Just a crime of passion on both parts.

ok sure i will mark is as done then. have a nice day