Jager122 Character Banned by Ivniinvi

CKEY: Jager122

Admin’s CKEY: Ivniinvi

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: A spawnmenu ban, not a server ban.

Ban Type: Role ban.

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2021-09-10

Round ID: 32616.

Ban Reason: Banned from Roles: Brainwashed Victim, Deathsquad, Drone, Lavaland, Mind Transfer Potion, Posibrain, Sentience Potion Spawn for 1 week - Killed the exploration crew as a free golem. Overescalation.

Appeal Reason: I personally find that this ban was completely and utterly unfair. Our conversation was very short and didn’t exactly clear up anything. Now I want to clarify this on the forums since I did not have the opportunity to in the server; the escalation rule that we were being scolded over was seemingly over ‘Normal escalation’ as opposed to the ‘Lavaland Escalation’ which states that we might skip any conflict in which we are not the aggressor immediately to step 5.

Now, the two exploration crew involved were being quite rude in demanding their artifact back- which I will quickly explain of how this artifact happened into our possession in the first place. The King at the time was shoved into the makeshift teleporter we had constructed for us to be transported to and from the mining station that we had been working along side the majority of the round, although for some reason it was linked to a teleporter pad within the exploration shuttle (at least we think it was) and the King grabbed it and meandered back through the portal, not realizing what this artifact was. We gawked at it for a bit once he came back, then forgot about it. This ques the entrance of the two explorers in question, whom instantly came in somewhat heated, demanding we return the item in a less than friendly way. This is when one of our golems decided to punch one of the explorers that were speaking, whom instantly turned around and started firing on us all, triggering the fight. The fight would ensue, and the two would be killed, one outside of the golem ship, and one inside the cockpit, which both were dragged back into the main area of the ship and tossed back into the station to be revived.

I personally do not believe such a punishment should have been put on us, a job ban of not only Lavaland roles, but also the ones available during the course of the round for a week. I also believe all the players involved should also have their punishment lessened due to its severity, and how poorly it was handled. During the whole process of us attempting to speak with the admin and explain what happened, the two explorers continued to insult and call us names throughout the whole process, being quite disrespectful and uncivil, attacking us OOCly, which the admin did not respond to, nor punish for despite the severity of some of their comments, of which could be observed by reading the logs back through in the rounds OOC chat.

Now to mention how the admin handled the situation as a whole; he seemed to have not taken any information from the side of the golems whatsoever, asking the correct questions, although not pursuing, such as, “Why did you kill the explorers?” or “Why did you steal the artifact?” and not pushing beyond that, despite there obviously being more to the situation than one would expect, and this is especially important for a ban that spans a week, it needs more context than simply asking questions without pursuing further information, simply banning us. On my side, all I got was a “So, why did you kill the explorers?” and I explained what had happened (read above), and he hadn’t responded after the fact, and just banned me without asking any further question or inquiry. Another reason as to why he didn’t seem to push any further was due to the fact that the Envy knife was involved, of which we hadn’t discovered its power and why it was turning the king into differing forms until the end when he turned into one of the lizard person explorers we had entered combat with.

In conclusion, the punishment was quite badly placed and executed, and it should be rescinded for all those involved. Thanks for your time.


I was the explorer that was attacked initially, feel like you’re misrepresenting a little bit here.

I teleported in first, the next explorer right behind us.

Before I even said ANYTHING, yall started shouting “INTRUDERS THEY’RE HERE” “LEAVE OR DIE”. At this point I knew some bullshit was about to happen considering how spastic the golems were. I asked them to “return what they stole from our ship”.

I then got punched 3 times by an iron golem (i let him get three in before i even attempted to defend myself). Then before I even pulled out a weapon or tried to run, ANOTHER golem joined in hitting me. Keep in mind that I didnt even bother charging my weapon before this so all i had was a knife and breaching explosives, literally just because I didn’t think we’d instantly get attacked.

We didnt hold you up or threaten you, we teleported aboard your ship (exactly what you did to us), got shouted at, attacked unprovoked, and murdered.

There isn’t two sides to this, you just held our job hostage by keeping our exploration objective aboard your ship and murdered us when we tried to get it back in a PEACEFUL way.

Lavaland escalation is essentially: if they antagonize you in any way, you can attack them. We didnt do anything aggressive, we were outnumbered 3 to 1.

Regarding admin handling of this situation: i had a different gripe about how this was handled administratively. I ahelped the mod before we teleported to the golem ship about the fact that golems stole our artifact (a very obvious infraction). I was then informed that i should follow the gps signal to lavaland. I was very irritated by this, this golem group had already shown what kind of players they are, I feel that forcing an IC conflict in this situation was a poor move that I hope he learned something from.

Edit: Removed irrelevant information

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Lavaland ghost role have no reason to interact with crewmember outside of lavaland, and as Ivniinvi said when they bwoinked you, Free Golem were freed by Nanotrasen Staff (RD) , and have no reason to steal or do any act of antagonism to the crewmember, if anyone is to blame,its your “King” and the rest of the golem who followed him blindly.

Unlike ash walker, who do have reason to act aggresively towards miner (sacrifices for eggs), golems do not have that kind of reason.

I believe admins do log dive for confirmation, but thats for the banning admin to confirm

Banning admin here,

On further review of the logs you threw the first punch.

Talking is not violence, especially not on a RP server, and shouldn’t be a valid reason to kill them. Additionally, in the escalation policy, it is clearly stated that the free golems shouldn’t create conflict with NT (The Liberator is the Research Director). Stealing an important item from the Exploration Crew is a clear violation of this rule.

At the end of that round, I was conducting eight tickets simultaneously, which is a gigantic information flood in addition to the admin log. I had previously told them to stop salting in dchat, and believed that they would follow through on that. I apologize if I missed any hostile behavior.

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You admitted that your king Golem who is supposed to roleplay as pacifist until attacked, attacked the explorer first. Explorer’s in that case, if we follow escalation rule, are allowed to shoot to disable or kill.

(Golems have higher punching damage too some of them)

Your King stole an artifact which denies explorer to complete a mission, explorer team was justified to be angry.

I agree that talking is definitely not violence, and that it doesn’t warrant any physical response, the response to my accidental punch might have blown everything out of proportion further than expected. To explain the accidental punch, I was attempting to select the resonator in my other hand in case of a situation in which the explorers attacked, or we attacked, whatever the case may have been. Although, in response to the stealing of the artifact, we had no clue of what it was, nor where it was coming from, or if they actually had any claim to it whatsoever, it was just used for decoration in the throne room.

The conflict started was very unfortunate, and almost certainly shouldn’t have happened, although I certainly believe with how it escalated, and the exploration crew’s response to the single punch thrown blew everything out of proportion in that sense, thus using the Lavaland rules of escalation, we had no choice but to disable the two. I would like to stress on the fact that we did send them back to the station in the end, of which seems to be ignored, as our intention was for them to be revived and we’d establish contact with the station afterwards.

I do apologize for targeting you for the response although, you were busy and multitasking is quite hard as it is. You handled the situation well enough with that taken in consideration. My apologies. And thank you for taking your time to read the appeal.

Wait you still didn’t explain how you clicking on UI resulted in a punch

Thank you for your response, but you did throw three punches before the exploration crew started to retaliate.

I did not realize that, apologies. I’ll edit the appeal to correct that. I was going to ask you to check that on my behalf in the next response actually, as the exploration crew member had replied, and I wasn’t entirely sure if I had thrown three punches, as my connection makes combat extremely unreliable and confusing on my side.

The monitor I use is very small and makes switching hands via click very difficult without randomly hitting things with whatever is in my hands, especially in a rush.

Wow that is really hard to imagine, even if your monitor is tiny, since you know, screen centers your target and UI is always below you by quite a good amount.

Plus you need to be one tile away to punch so eh dont know about that. In any case you dont have anything else to appeal right? It just seems like you accepted your wrongs and appeal is over.

Well, the King didn’t attack anyone until I initiated the fight. Although, you’re certainly wrong with the pacifist thing, not really sure where you got that from. The only thing I said in regards to anything close to that was the rules of escalation, which don’t mean he’s meant to be a pacifist whatsoever.

Lavaland Golems are not allowed to harm people for no reason, they are a neutral faction unless provoked (which you weren’t)

I’m correcting myself on parts, although I think you miss the whole point of the appeal. I could see myself being punished due to the three punches, although the others simply responded to the attacks of the exploration crew. The other players that did receive bans should have them rescinded, almost certainly. Although, a week ban on me seems quite excessive, although if the administration deems my points lacking logic, that’s fine.

Above should explain. I can be to blame in that situation

It’s a ghost role and not a station role, the default ghost role ban is one week.

I disagree, if HoS tells officer to execute someone and they do it without a question both get banned, HoS is essentially a king and officer is a golem, same exact situation.

Although those situations are two separate things, we were not given orders to execute, it was simply a response to a golem that was out of order in initiating attack.

You don’t understand, others didn’t stop or question your blatantly provocative punching, lavaland golems are by nature friendly with NT unless attacked.

You riled up for no reason and other golems had their hands itchy for beating too (as previously stated you were also alert and provocative by language alone before all that )

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Also i can apply that logic too, officer is killing an assistant for getting shoved, do officers baton and stop him or do they join in and beat that assistant to death for essentially no reason? Answer is obvious