JackTheLing's Mentor Application

Your CKEY: JackTheLing

Your Discord: JackTheLing ( IC Rebel Trouble)

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since 2015

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Everyone who hates me and everyone who doesn’t

Game Experience (More Detailed): I know how to do anything and everything except special stuff with tcomms, bombmaking, and plasma flooding for some reason


Got that back when I had below 50hrs I believe. Correct me if I am wrong. I have 177hs now.
Combined I have over +1000hrs in SS13. Still the most hated player in bee station so there is still a chance this will be denied despite the high playtime and low note count but I would feel like I am putting myself down before trying if I did not apply

Think everyone knows this but, I am still currently a mentor on another station if that matters


Imma be honest, you infuriate me sometimes bro but you brought challenge back to lrp besides the usual contenders, even though you kill me everytime. Has a ton of knowledge of the game, and would make a good addition.
I never thought I’d say this but


What can I say except grenade launcher robust

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Alright, I formally change my +1 to a -12 (this is a joke)

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pff only 1k hours. i have 1K ON BEE, ALONE. -1 because you are pretty toxic tho

I said plus 1k. I do not have time to go on my 4 accounts to see my time on paradise, yog, hippie, and toolbox, and CM to see. Even if I did I have more hours on LLA . Think they’re just right under Hippie’s hours



He is a cool sometimes tho,i think he is starting to do better i saw him play the sec the other day and he wasnt really toxic i will say +1(if i count)

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You’re not a mentor yet, so sadly no

Nice. The only reason people would say I am changing is because my play style now will only infuriate them if they’re antag. When I was an assistant main I would rob everyone until I got all access then I would hunt antags with the all access. So that is pissing off, everyone I rob, security, AI, and antagonist. Now I play Captain and HoS and kill antags and gaulg greytiders. Only pissing of greytiders and antags. Most of the people that hate me started because I valided them when they were an antag.

Also probably because I cut down on my murderboning rounds

-1 no


Cancer to play with, I can’t vote but please never put this man in any position of power.

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Mentors dont have any power. They’re somehow more subhuman than trialmins.


don’t have any power
We have acess to metagame say I mean msay :flushed:

Just use discord. It’s less provable.



bottom text top text

You make a good villain. Definitely the kind people can love to hate. +1

No, he is just gonna make people just as cancer as him

Eh, guess people are still salted about getting robbed or killed by me. Cannot say I didn’t think this would happen despite the huge amount of knowledge I possess. Just wanted to apply in case

I literaly never saw you play anything BUT assistant/sec