J515 banned by Iviinvi

CKEY: J515

Admin’s CKEY: Iviinvi

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permament

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):2021/12/03

Round ID:34452

Ban Reason: TTV bombed Science as nonantag. You have more than a thousand hours you should know better

Appeal Reason: It’s been awhile since I was banned, and in that time i’ve learnt that I did some REALLY stupid stuff while playing here, and I’d like to think i’ve improved as I’ve been playing some skyrat, afterglow and before that lonestar.
So i’ll reiterate, what happened that night with the TTV was completely stupid and shouldn’t have happened in the first place, like who in the right mind has two live TTV bombs for display… I question my sanity during that round and I would like to apologise to each and everyone one of you for that disaster.

Additional Information: Vouch recieved from afterglow

I’m not sure if a server that has only been around for two months is able to qualify as a reputable server for a vouch.

Same staff from DR

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From what I can remember from back when you were banned you really weren’t in a good place mentally at the time. Which led to your ingame ban and then discord mute.

Are you sure you feel ready/good enough again?

I don’t think fallout ERP servers in general are a great source for a vouch

If there’s going to be further limitations to the vouch system they need to be listed. Saying “no that one doesn’t count” seems unreasonable.


I do yes, I don’t actually intend to play I just want one less ban

Policy states “reputable” server and has always implied that. There is no list and there won’t be.

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What’s defined as “reputable”?

Like I know SPLURT isn’t reputable but DR/Afterglow isn’t exactly a ERP server by any stretch of the imagination, it allows it but it’s not like everyone is doing ERP everywhere. DR (now Afterglow) has been around for awhile and it’s got a sizeable player base so even though this iteration of the server is two months old the server or community is years old


ERP doesn’t mean a server isn’t reputable automatically.

Reputable means the server has stability and sensible management that aren’t prone to causing issues for themselves or others. Generally speaking, this means the server is recognized by multiple other servers as a good place to play with good staff, and it takes a period of solid stability for that to be achieved.

For example:

  • Merchant station was known for forcing people to use slurs before allowing them into the community. This meant the community was a toxic cesspool and staff were in on it - if merchant tries to vouch for someone it would be thrown out like hot garbage.

Desert rose is no stranger to major staff drama and upheavals of their entire system, the fact the current rebranding / iteration is only a couple of months old reflects this unfortunately as much as I want a fallout server to succeed (I am even in their discord server because I want to keep an eye on it)

They have one unfortunately major red flag right now - there is no restriction or system in place to keep minors out of the ERP that takes place. The gamr server is publicly accessible with no vetting whatsoever, only the discord server has protections on it.

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Essentially, the headmins just need a way to authentify the vouch you provide.


I’d like to pull my unban request due to a Perma ban from Skyrat I just found out was extended to a permaban when I was originally banned for a week. I feel if I can get permabanned by a server only so recently then I am not ready to be unbanned from this server. Aplologies for wasting everyone’s time @Headmins


Okay, sure. You’re welcome to file another appeal when you’re comfortable doing so, assuming you still can get a vouch from a reputable server that is.