Ivan Stambolic Player report

CKEY: Fernandez123

Your Discord: Oliver

Offender’s CKEY: I don’t know

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ivan Stambolic

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 5/23/21

Round Number: 29915

Rules Broken: M2 Powergaming

Incident Description:

So i arrived on the station as an atmos tech heretic so naturally i went to go to engineering and out of no where this HOS bag checks without a reason this was only like under a minute after i arrived the station i told them that i only arrived the station and they had no good reason to really search me so i tell the HOS,No.He follows me to engineering and starts trying to gun me down with his Multiphase gun fortunately he was bad and missed all his shot but he got me with an electrode.Then he finds my codex.

Additional Information:

Also this guy putted me on perma and removed all the stools and other shit because he doesn’t want me to escape?
He was also hellbent on getting all the antagonist that round and wanted to execute them on the spot.

lots of hunting the valid happened this round.

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Well it’s security, you forgot to state if it was green alert, blue or red.
If it was blue or red, they are allowed to do that.
The HoS’ behavior can still be investigated of course if he executed anyone without getting cap’s permission, but seems like you were perma’d.

I’ve definitely been beaten by this guy whilst cuffed before

8 hours is not really bump worthy, you know how long reports can take to be processed

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What value does this add? Cite a round ID and add your own report then

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While this is important to note, since you are in fact allowed to refuse a bag search on green.
This report does kind of make it sound more like the HoS was possibly spawn camping to check for late join antags, which is really not allowed.


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If what this guy said was completely accurate it does sound like the dude was metagaming. I’m more interested to know if completely dismantling perma is powergaming. Basically the entire reason perma is a thing is so someone can escape and not get round removed completely.

Once you’re off the shuttle, everything is normal - you might want to quote the rules on where that is not allowed, if a ruling is made and then this guy is punished for that retroactively (the normal thing here), then cringe. There never was any grace period for this. If, say, he was waiting outside the arrivals shuttle and kidnapping people and implant checking them for BB shit, then yeah I guess so, but bag checks are legal off the arrivals shuttle.

It will most likely get labelled as meta-gaming, I see it as reasonable to call this meta-gaming as there’s no real reason to dismantle perma just so “antags caught, guys! look at me with my dual disablers!”

Citation needed

Anyways, time to wait for admins (Good luck)


I wasn’t quite sure what state the station was on since i just arrived,but isn’t it just general a shitty behaviour to forcefully bag search someone without even giving them a valid reason?
Plus to be honest i just wanted to post this so i can have another go at a heretic since it was my first time getting it here.
Plus i didn’t see a valid reason as to why he would go out of his way to remove everything in perma to devoid me of task while im there plus he kept pepper spraying me and batoning me i guess i was just that frightening?


I mean at some point it falls under rule 2: don’t be a dick, but without knowing the reasoning the HoS had for doing it it’s impossible to say if it was fine or not.

Minor peanut post here, but I believe I was captain that round. As far as I remember we were on blue that round, and there were already rumors of heretics. I’ve had Ivan as HoS while captain several times, and while he gets a bit hasty sometimes, I’ve seen any outright malicious or power gamey behavior. Just wanted to add my two cents, thanks.

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