Itsmeowdev (Kat Newton) Traitor Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Zoom9337

Your Discord: mystery3525#9337

Offender’s CKEY: Itsmeowdev

Offender’s In-Game Name: Kat Newton/Robert Jerome

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-31-2022

Round Number: 38433

Rules Broken: R13

Incident Description:
Was in–round as CE during the IAA event, so I could not investigate this myself for obvious reasons. I recieve word through radio that someone is injecting CO2 into the SM, without my permission so I rush over to Engineering and remove the pump and modifications to the filter. My Engineer tells me that they saw one Robert Jerome doing it, so we keep watch for them and it pains me to say I forgot to tell Security, not that Security was sitting around doing nothing.

Later on we find Robert Jerome in Engineering Lobby, I walk over to my office and say something along the lines of “Hey, you’re not on the manifest.” “Sec to Engineering.”, and quickly close all of the shutters preventing them from leaving and remote bolting the front door. Security grabbed them and took them to brig, presumably brigging them for a while.

Additional Information:
I do not know the full context of the situation, but attempting to overload the supermatter with CO2 obviously causes a tesloose, and Kat Newton had no objectives even near engineering nor any murderbone objectives. Additionally, some players on Beecord said that they spent most of the round doing bombings, but this is unconfirmed.


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So I’m pretty sure I had murderbone objective, since at the gamestart it told me I “could harm anyone in the pursuit of my objectives” or something, and it was an admin event?

If I didn’t, that was definitely my bad! I tend to disable syndies because I’m no good at it, but I forgot to turn off IAA for this event.

Not gonna lie, I came here to repeat the in-game prompt expecting to prove this wrong, but I’m just sad that our in-game prompt isn’t in-line with what is expected of the role :pensive:

Your target is suspected of [crime], and you have been tasked with eliminating them by any means necessary to avoid a costly and embarrassing public trial.

While you have a license to kill, you should try to not cause too much attention, though this is optional

For the sake of plausible deniability, you have been equipped with an array of captured Syndicate weaponry available via uplink.

Finally, watch your back. Your target has friends in high places, and intel suggests someone may have taken out a contract of their own to protect them.

IAA literally work for Nanotrasen, so no you are not supposed to go out of your way to kill everyone. You’re there to solve a problem and stay undercover. I’ll see about making a PR that updates this prompt.

I swear there was this huge red text telling me something like that. Is there a way to get my logs or something out of BYOND?

If you become the last remaining IAA, you are shown this message:

All the other agents are dead, and you’re the last loose end. Stage a Syndicate terrorist attack to cover up for today’s events. You no longer have any limits on collateral damage.

However, we can see that definitely didn’t happen because at the same time this message shows, your escape objective is replaced with a murderbone objective… and the round end report clearly shows you still had an escape objective.


That is unless @Ivniinvi manually sent a special message to everyone as part of the event.

Ah, so, I just searched the source for the lang keys with “collateral” because I remember that word. I got this message:
“Any damage you cause will be a further embarrassment to Nanotrasen, so you have no limits on collateral damage.”

… that would mean you were an External affairs agent, not an Internal one. And yes that does in fact mean you can murderbone. It also means you were working for the Syndicate, not Nanotrasen.


I wonder if this is a bug.

Either way, it will be very easy for an admin to check logs for your assigned role, because External Affairs Agent is listed as such in the manifest if you were roundstart, or in the game logs if you were assigned mid-round as part of the event.

Okay, so I just checked the code, it appears that the IAA and EAA are the same object and share an ID, the difference being a singe boolean for external/interal. This means the rounded report will generate saying “internal affairs agent” regardless of if you are EAA or IAA. It appears to try to send the special_role, but something must not have worked, because it generated the rounded wrong.

I just checked my chat, but the roundstart is too far up and isn’t in my logs anymore.

Let me preface this with the fact that the logging on IAA generation is hot garbage.

After reviewing the logs, I believe that the player in question was an External Affairs Agent during the IAA event round, and thus, had murderbone escalation.

Report Rejected