It should be against the rules for your family heirloom to be taken

I agree sec just stealing them for shits and giggles should be against the rules, but if you use them in a crime its fair game for evidence, its also fair to remove them for the duration of your cell timer.

Being a dick is never valid. Being a dick is always being a dick.

Also there’s no reason to confiscate a slime plushie or a fountain pen or whatever other random thing you get.

New players shouldn’t necessarily be punished for not knowing but refusing to return it is cringe and shitsec behavior. Even in perma you can have a fucking pen.

Boo hoo please you can go to the bar, take a bite of something and drink a drink then mood is back, if you dont like the downside of a negative perk dont take it
Either get robust and evade sec or stop being a shitter in the first place to not get arrested

sure, but those arent the only heirlooms, it makes perfect sense to confiscate other shit like the toolbox

Sec shouldn’t go out of their way to fuck you but I mean… that fits the theme of your traits that this would happen.

Maybe you could add it to your records in the character creator to help your case with that at least.

This is Beestation Sage NRP, people don’t check records.

also… what the fuck are you talking about?

oops, forgot setting your own records didn’t exist on this codebase lmao

goes to show how much I used it

and you’re tryna get admin… for shame, know your codebase

hrp shill

removing the heirloom is resonable, if it would be considered against the rules then DARING to harm intent someone or call them a r*de word would be as well, for the complete hugbox experience

                                        MAN UP
                                   AND DEAL WITH IT

Assistants spawn with heirloom toolboxes, which are valid escape tools.

Taking it away for like 5 minutes is fine.


Okay but I don’t play assistant and also don’t care about people who do.

Then your suggestion is invalid. You’re suggesting a rulechange that you want only because it benefits you, and you’re saying that any other situation does not matter because you do not care about them nor the impact they have on this very idea.

Therefore your suggestion is no longer a suggestion but a request to be hugboxed.


If you dont like the drawbacks, then dont take the quirks @michiru2

Big brain

being griefed isn’t a quirk drawback it’s a person being a dick

You choose to be griefed tho so if anything its ur fault for choosing the hairloom and knowing well the drawbacks

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suffering the intended negative consequences of a perk isnt being griefed

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Validly arrested by security who return your fucking family bodypillow after they arrest you for caving an assistants skull in.

Okay honey


Mrp in a nutshell

20 char

You’re running this combination of quirks at your own risk. Nobody should steal your heirloom for just no reason, but if you lose it through normal gameplay you’ve set yourself up with bad quirks of your own choice.