It needs to be an Ick Ock offense to confirm that an Ick Ock is in fact legit

If Nuclear Operative A says “Hey since we’re nukies let’s spend all our points on Crab Phones” in the OOC and Nuclear Operative B says “WHAT THE FUCK MAN MASSIVE ICK OCK” in the OOC right after, both of them are contributing equally to the problem, because now, instead of everyone knowing that the antag MIGHT be Nukies, they now know for 100% certain that it IS Nukies because some in the OCK confirmed it was legit.

If even fake ICK OCK is considered bannable, why isn’t this?

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counterpoint: it could also be rando chemist mcmedicine man calling out the ick ock, should he get banned for that?

unrelated but some funny OOC chat moments have come from me accidentally ick ocking and trying to save face by playing it off as non-ick ock

The ratio of times OOC is used for salting or ick ock (including accidental ick ock) vs the amount of times it’s used for legitimately unrelated to round conversations is pretty impressive.

There exists an option to disable global OOC while rounds are in progress and I feel like it should be enabled because of this. LOOC would still exist when needed

people barely use LOOC becuase its hidden away in the OOC tab while OOC is nice and easy to get to

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It’s a fair point, but that ease of access is what results in it’s frequent accidental use. The frequency with which it is used improperly still makes it worth discussing turning it off while rounds are ongoing to me.

We wouldn’t need to OOC ban nearly as many players this way either (which for some reason also removed their deadchat privelages)