It is not my fault

Title: CKEY Banned by Admin CKEY


Admin’s CKEY:Spockye

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:All of them im pretty sure.

Ban Type:Ban evader

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date (12/01/2022):

Round ID:35706

Ban Reason:ban evader.

Appeal Reason:I never did ban evade i did show my friend this game and he was using my ip and he got banned and if you look threw the logs how could me and him both be playing at once moving at the same time it doesn’t make sense and its not my fault he got banned.

Additional Information:And i show a screen shot of my friend.

Please add your Ckey and the banning admin’s Ckey to the post.

Have you at any point in time ever played here using an alternative account that you can remember?

Edit: Also who’s this ‘friend’ of yours?

I have two accounts but i don’t use it that much its shinyducky but my friends account is Mr123jkf or jfk dont remember.

ya I put it in but it dint save sorry about that.

And i can give you his discord.

Here’s some of the other ckeys from centtcomm

i really don’t remember making fortnitegamerlol i don’t even think i have a email for that but i did give you the other three and im sorry i dint remember the last one and i know my actions where stupid and shinycoin isnt even the Ip im on right now it is a hole other one nd i only made two and my friend lives with me now but if i cant get a chance i understand and i did get banned on tg station that was me.

but i only used MrDuckyton on beestation

OK… But why do you have multiple ckeys?

i made shinyducky and MrDuckyton but my friend could’ve made multiple accounts we live together.

I only have the second one because i couldn’t log into my account once so i made a new one

But if i have to delete them i can and il tell my friend to delete his.

right! i sadly see no reason to belive you im afraid, though, feel free to appeal this in a month, with a vouch from another server!