Isy232 (Captain) Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Nexendia

Your Discord: Alijah#1834

Offender’s CKEY: Isy232

Offender’s In-Game Name: Frederica Pollock

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-22-0223

Round Number: 44126

Rules Broken: R1.1 / R1.3 / R3 / R12

Incident Description: Due to a roundstart xenoegg leading to crewmen brain being implanted into a xeno drone turned queen, captain ignoring safe containment and using handtele inside xenobio proper letting all the xenos escape.

Additional Information:

Captain had apparently on good faith I guess believed the Xenos would remain friendly even with a crewmembers brain inside and because of that disregarded almost every standard SOP regarding aliens.

I had secured xenobio pretty well and had even included an ‘airlock’ that could be used to teleport out with a handtele.

of course because of the breach the screenshots I have are after the destruction but at least prior to the captains use of the handtele it was secure and would have held them.

Xenobio Screenshots

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I’ll look into the log side of things sometime this week

Rule 1.1, you must roleplay. This is not broken at any point.

Rule 1.3, Follow Space Law and the Standard Operating Procedure is not broken despite the claims here. SOP has 2 points that could be referred to in this instance. Science SOP says scientists need to ask RD before letting anything in xenobiology out. Captain outranks RD, and can approve that action. You could also be referring to “Extraterrestrial takeover”, which this was not, since it was a crew queen.

Rule 3,Do your Job. The captain DID do their job, overseeing the construction of the xeno containment personally, as well as the experiments themselves.

Rule 12, Head of Staff Conduct. This one actually works against this. “The captain or acting captain has final say over every department head, and is responsible for every department that has not yet been assigned a head of staff.” CE went against he captains orders on more than one occasion, meanwhile the captain managed xenobio and ultimately made a call in regards on how to handle the situation.

No rules were broken here. I watched this entire thing from start to finish, though by the end I was one of the xenos. Dchat was extremely angry about the idea of non antag xenos. CE was extremely mad about the idea of letting the non antag xenos do anything besides sit in a chamber, despite the repeated orders from the captain. But besides some people being mad, it didnt strike me as any sort of rule break.

Should also be pointed out that the Captain took great care to make sure the hive understood what was up (that it was technically aligned with crew, because the Queen was aligned with crew) to the point where when someone set the Disco Inferno shuttle on fire, xenos were helping to move people out of the burn zone and onto holofans.

(also no the Captain did not order the Disco Inferno, it was a traitor)

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Gonna be 100% I witness the captain most of the round. So ce and captain set up a super secure containment. Killed a queen for the translator ability, put a willing science person and the captain and queen made sure multiple times to have every xeno undeestand not to harm or kill anyone and just to impregnate the monkeys since the xenos have to obey the queen. The only reason we had to hand tele out was because a borg came by and bolted all our doors and while I was running with them to the shuttle no, xenos harmed or impregnated any crew members as well as helping people on the shuttle as I made a circuit translator the xenos were telling people to Stand on the vent to not die. This was a more interesting round then typical, kill egg/release them


Thats something I wasn’t aware of the translation or xenos helping with escape… again entire shift I was just focused on securing xenobio so I guess maybe im just a salty shit :person_shrugging:

aswell my entire perception of xenos is contain or die + having a crew member xeno/queen was a first ive seen in my entire time playing other than wizard staff shenanigans.

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I Was the AI, Both the Captain, and the CE, Requested Xenobio to be locked down. CE made a place just for teleporting out(The homemade Airlock) and the captain didn’t use it.


Finished going through logs, and the other players story of events lines up with the logs. While it’s unorthodox to transplant a crew members brain into a drone so they can become a xenomorph queen, no rule or SOP was broken. It’s a pretty creative way to conduct research on the xenomorph egg that CC gave the station (could’ve also been done by transplanting the egg sac into a crew member as well), the captain did ensure that xenobio was extra fortified, and the queen even made sure that her xenomorphs didn’t harm the crew. Overall, it was a great RP moment to read about.

Only thing that could’ve been done is maybe CC sending a inspector over to hear about this experiment, but no real rule or SOP was broken so I will be rejecting this report.