Isy232 Banned by Admin Whyiscaeciliustaken

CKEY: Isy232

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server, Job.

Ban Length: 3 Days, 2 Weeks.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-03-20 20:29

Round ID: 13666

Ban Reason: Killed the HoS and HoP for early launching the shuttle against orders.

Appeal Reason: I thought this was valid.

Additional Information:
As the captain, I was boarding the emergency shuttle when 2 people authorized an early launch. I didn’t check who did, but when I reached the console I repealed all authorizations and announced in loud mode over the general comms channel not to early launch.

Then the RD, HoS and HoP all run up to the console and authorize the early launch about 10 seconds after I had said not to. If they were looking at chat at all they should have seen my message or gotten the hint about me, the captain, repealing all of the current authorizations.

This truly pissed me off, not just because they were not following orders, but because they gave no warning that they were going to launch the shuttle early to the people on the station. I’ve been on the other end of this and it pisses me off when this happens. There was no direct threat to the shuttle and we were only calling it because everyone was bored of the shift.

After we launched, I spent a few seconds thinking of what to do, firstly they had early launched the shuttle against a direct order by their captain, secondly that they were pretty much abandoning everyone on the station and thirdly that when I used to play on /tg/, this exact action would make you valid.

Thinking IC, abandoning a large amount of the stations crew and going against the direct orders of your captain is a serious offence. I would think it would be mutiny and murder, considering that the people left behind are pretty much left for death and that HoS defied a direct order from the captain resulting in massive harm to the crew. They could also still be cloned in the future if needed. (IC thoughts, of course they weren’t getting cloned after the round ended).

So I started thinking that this meant that they were valid, I unloaded a steckin into the HoS and an energy gun on lethal into the HoP, killing them both. I didn’t care to do anything about the RD, its their job to do science and not to lead and I bet they were likely just following the lead of one of their superiors. When fighting these 2, I was helped my a security officer in a phazeon mech, so I was not alone in thinking they were valid for their actions.

While I was doing them, I thought all of my actions were valid. As the captain, it is my job to

“be a competent leader and ensure the success and survival of your station and its crew.”

If someone were to leave a large amount of the crew for death by going against my direct order when they are an important head of staff, I think this would leave them valid for an execution ordered by the captain.

So, why do I think I shouldn’t be banned:
That’s what I thought, however as proven by this ban Whyiscaeciliustaken thinks differently. I am also not aware of any ruling on the validity of those who early launch the escape shuttle when it is unnecessary that I could have used to make sure my actions were valid.

Also, after I wasn’t the only one who thought this way, the security officer piloting the phazeon also agreed with me, proven because they were using their mech to assist me in killing the HoS. Once we reached centcom, I talked with them for a bit and they said that yes, they had helped me because they were pissed off at people launching the shuttle early.

Perhaps all of this does not make them valid and I was wrong, if so I would like if you could explain exactly where my thought process went wrong so I can attempt to correct it and avoid making any future mistakes.

If you would also consider the fact that I was doing my best to follow the rules as I interpreted them at the time, I would like to ask for a shortening of the ban.

Heads should be job banned for early launching the shuttle. It’s against standard operating procedure.

“Authorizing early shuttle launches is not allowed unless there is an immediate threat to shuttle integrity.”

Early launching because you want to go home earlier is both selfish and childish and I’m surprised that the admins do nothing about the people who do it all the time.


Probably a little overkill with murdering them and not just violently arresting them, but you do be making sense though


Yeah, I do think arresting them was the best decision, but I thought my decision would be acceptable enough to be an IC issue.

Early launch shuttle: Bad
Killing them for it: Also bad but not as bad

While I totally agree with what you did, the rules are the rules, AHELP them and get them jobbanned. Its more satisfying then murdering them and getting banned yourself

2 weeks is too much to ban for this, it should be reduced to like… 2 or 3 days… The people that need to be (job)banned are the heads(isy you should make a player report).


At the time I thought the admins thought it was an IC thing to early launch the shuttle, I think I’d ahelped this once before and never got a response, but could have totally just been no admins online.

I also don’t exactly know what rule I broke, from my point of view they were valid for what they did and therefore were open to IC consequences and it was 2 on 1. I heavily doubted I would’ve been able to beat both the HoS and HoP without resorting to lethals with the gear I had on me.

Again, I do believe that arresting them rather violently would have been the better option. However I doubt I would have won as without the phazeon coming to my aid and the utter robustness of reactive tesla armour, I would have died myself.

A question; Was there a reason for early launching/what was going on before the early launch?

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not any more than usual. I mean 2 of us were egging them on to early launch but I was a pai with law 1 to be fantastically rude so there really was no reason for it. He shouldn’t necessarily be banned from mrp entriely, but I think the job ban is fine for the time that is currently set.

A few questions;

  • Did this happen on MRP or LRP?
  • Was there an actual inmediate threat? Nuke ops, lings/Traitors going loud, meteors, etc.
  • Are you confident they were the og roundstart heads and not promoted/taking their place/stole their IDs?
  • Did they try to argue why it was a wise choice to early launch it?

As ex headjannie, I’ll admit that offing them was a bit too much, but then again, so is to LAUNCH THE SHUTTLE EARLY FOR NO REASON.

Hell, if this happened on MRP, I’d slap their asses off head roles for a while.

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1: On MRP
2: None at all, it was confirmed traitors and there had been at least 20 minutes since something traitorous last happened.
3: Warden was promoted to HoS due to lack of shift start HoS. They had been acting HoS for most of the shift. HoP was HoP from my knowledge. RD was RD from shift start too, but I think they were just following the HoS’s and HoP’s lead as those 2 both outranked.
4: They never said anything back to me when I was in the shuttle bridge, even after I undid the 2 authorizations on the console.

Yeah, I see that killing them was excessive, in future now that I know that they did break the rules and will suffer OOC consequences, just trying to arrest them (even if I fail) will still get them punished for their actions.

I hope you can also realize that my intentions here were never to grief or troll, rather just do my job as captain considering the crimes they committed.

What I would like to ask for is a shortening of the server ban and head/security job ban.

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Yeah ngl but early launching on MRP 4noreisin is cringe.

Ya did good, yet ya did a bit bad.

But they did worse.

@Caecilius ngl but slap the other heads, this guy didn’t do it with grief intent.


I didn’t know early launch was actually against the rules, thought it was just a dick thing to do. Will ahelp now that I know

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Throwing my two cents into this - two weeks might be too much given the exact situation, but this does make for the third head role offense in a short time frame so I’m not going to press hard for a shortening.

I might need some correction on this myself, but I don’t feel like a head ban for broken head conduct is that bad of a punishment since a head ban does nothing to hinder your ability to play the game at all - It only hinders your ability to find legitimate grounds to stand in when you want to hinder others.

I’ll look into the other two players in a bit

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I don’t even play MRP but early launching as a head 4noreisin is not really MRP-ish and it’s a dick move.

And we all know what we think about dick conduct.

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If I remember correctly this is my only ban from a head role. I have 2 warnings that might be related.

One for going a bit too far in an arrest as security (not a command role, just security) because I beat a chef to death after he nearly killed me with CQC in an attempted arrest.

One for forgetting to tell the other heads before entering the gateway as a head, leading to them going into crisis mode thinking I was killed by a traitor or something.

Also, yeah, a head ban wont stop me from playing but I do mostly prefer head roles because it allows me to deal with issues and incompetence, I think I may have spent more time on bee as a head role than not as one for this reason.

Do you mind if I post the notes I’m referencing? I can’t access the server right now so I can’t see if they’re expired/deleted (beebot doesn’t specify)

I’m at work and my laptop is stuck on the other side of a broken lock so I don’t even have the shitty half-access I normally would here

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I do not mind.
I would have posted them myself, but, well, am banned.

From March 11th, a note for dereliction

As captain on MRP went gateway without telling anyone for roughy half an hour, leading crew to believe they were dead.

From March 6th, minor note for bad captaincy

As captain, gave away station charter and allowed others to make horrible station names. Told not to do that again.

Both notes are pretty minor, but also not suited to being a head in an RP environment (which we are very much trying to restore). Killing your staff over an early evacuation is not nearly as minor as these, which is why I’m not hard pressed to call for a reduction, on top of the opinion I already stated with headbans.

Forgot about the second one, but yeah, these were both very minor incidents which are both not against the written rules and I have not repeated since.

Gateway one was on an extremely uneventful traitors shift, my bad, should have warned the other heads before entering or made other arrangements.

And when I gave the charter away I more dropped it in the tool storage because I couldn’t think of a station name, I didn’t specifically give it to someone for the purpose of making a bad station name.

Both of these are extremely minor incidents and I’m pretty sure the station charter one already expired as last time I checked my notes I couldn’t see it.

I’ve probably played around 15 or so rounds as captain recently (my estimates, I cant check played time) so making 2 minor RP mistakes as the most sensitive job in the game aren’t really much of a history of being a bad captain, more just me adjusting to MRP instead of the LRP I’m used too.

which are both not against the written rules

12. Heads of Staff Conduct

Heads of Staff are held to higher standards than regular crewmembers. You are expected to be a competent person and competent at your job.
Heads of Staff, generally, should not abandon their post. This means you should not leave the station on space adventures or explore lavaland.

And when I gave the charter away I more dropped it in the tool storage because I couldn’t think of a station name, I didn’t specifically give it to someone for the purpose of making a bad station name.

This note doesn’t even sound entirely valid then. Beebot never forgets any notes, even deleted though, so it may have already been removed
It’s not the best reference, but it’s the only one I have from mobile.

I respect an honest attempt to adjust to MRP + appropriate engagement in your appeal, so I’ll go ahead and change my stance on recommending a reduction. I can’t do more than that myself though

Give this guy a lighter sentence, @Caecilius