Issue with loading in

Hey, I’ve discussed this before on a ban appeal, but around 90% of I ever try and play on golden I am unable to join due to a sticky ban placed on “Yellingstone” I don’t have any VPN’s on or even installed, yet I constantly receive this message most of the times I try and play. I am quite often stopped from playing for entire days due to this, anyone got any advice?

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This is a common stickyban issue. Sometimes the ban evader will get tripped up.

Make a ban appeal on it. Crossed and admins with access to the ban tool will be able to help you.

Yeah I’ve done that in the past and apparently they put an exemption for me to get through it but it doesn’t appear to to be working

Either ask for it to be reopened through a DM, or make a new one.

Seriously though, you gotta ask the host.
Nothing us plebs can do about it.

Dam, I cant figure out how ti dm him tho

Here’s his account link: Profile - Crossedfall - BeeStation

See if you can message him.

I’m gonna @Crossedfall in case you maybe don’t have the perms to start a dm

Cant message him, but thanks for the help

Seems to be resolved. Recommend closure.