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Israel Byers

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first round, some guy was raging in deadchat about how I’m a self antagger. I brushed it off beacuse I thought it was some guy who was trying to troll

second round, Some guy chases me down at roundstart and starts hitting me. I fight back and he rages about how I’m a self antagger in chat. I ahelp it and the admin says he noted it and dealt with it

third round, I tab out and when I tab back in he’s trying to strip me. I fight back and he starts raging about how I self antag every game. After he dies he gets cloned and convinces the CE that I’m traitor. The CE attacks me out of the blue and then immediately throws my body into the SM.

   Additional Information:

screenshot from the 3rd round

Don’t know his ckey, and he uses random name every shift.

You repeatedly dragged me away from the doctor who was trying to clone me, told him not to clone me, which implied that you wanted me perma dead, fam. I thought you were a traitor after that, cause you’ve been playing long enough to know the rules.

i think you perma killed me the round before and your justification was that you were a head rev or something even though i wasnt in a head role.

idk, fam. maybe stop valid hunting cause you were doing it all morning.

replying… replying…

yeah yeah yeah i don’t give a fuck.

look if they ban me they ban me. i’m not gonna rage about it.
and that’s not to imply that i don’t care about the rules or consequences, but this shit is just fuckin lame at this point and i’m tired of the whining.

before I finish writing out a big response, can you please actually tell me when you started to call me a validhunter/self antagger?

play stupid games win stupid prizes.
you fucking target me and metagrduge me and then get angry when you fail to bait me into getting banned and all that you do is end up ruing two rounds in a row because you insist on trying to metagrduge me.

Let me tell you, there a fuckton of absolute pieces of shit on beestation that I would fucking love to metagrudge but you know how I deal with it? when they walk towards I walk away because I know that there is nothing to gain from antagonizing people I hate. When I dont like people like jasmine falcon and lubricant bob I just walk away because trying to fucking grudge them is ■■■■■■ed.

Let me talk you through what happened that round: You were wearing a hardsuit during a rev round. I crit you, then started stripping your items. Then I started screaming at the two nearby headrevs to convert you. They ignored you. I tried to drag your body TO one of the head revs to get them to convert you. While I was doing this, either the captain or a sec officer i cannot remember shotgunned me to death in the hallways.

you spammed deadchat saying I was murderboning and self antagging you and looting your corpse after killing you.


I posted this link in deadchat that round proving I was trying to strip your hardsuit to expose your eyes so you could be converted but you didn’t listen and instead you threw a tantrum.

If any admins are reading this, I would fucking LOVE the logs for this round showing me screaming at the nearby headrevs begging them to convert the crit atmos tech I was dragging around.

Here’s one from the same round. Cook chased me into maintenance and started killing me, then followed me into atmos and yet I’m the one who’s self antagging here when I fight back?

heres one from the round before it, the first round that I played today.

the warden walked around the station spamming fucking chest slam and leg sweep on random people and nearly critting me because he thought that it would “flush out the lings”

but I’m self antagging for fucking shooting him with a morphine syringe and stripping him to question why?

Look at this shit and honestly fucking tell me that targeting me multiple rounds at the beginning of the game back to back using random names to stay anonymous is the appropriate response to this. That I’m fucking “Self antagging” for trying to fucking stop a warden who’s greifing with no admins on, or that I’m fucking validhunting and self antagging for fighting back against a cook who is attacking me while chasing me into atmos, or that I’m fucking validhunting and self antagging for critting and stripping someone with eye protection IN MEDBAY and then demanding that a head rev convert them during a rev round as a rev.

you killed me when i was non head role and your justification was that you were a rev.

idk fuck you, dude. it’s just a game. It isnt worth being pissed off about. I gotta remember that so I don’t end up like you.
You ahelped on everything not me. You got your own dumb ass B&.

We’re both retards, i don’t care.

I didn’t. I crit you, tried to strip you, and then tried to get a head rev to flash you while we were in medbay so that I could heal you back up.

Additionally I moved multiple non-rev bodies into the cloner and instructed one of the head revs to go in there and flash the people who get cloned immediately so that they could play as revs.

That’s an extremely interesting position to take after considering you got so mad at this game that you metagrudged me the entire day just because you got put into crit during a rev round.

Oh boi this is going to be gud. Btw imagine getting salty about being critted during a REV round where murderboning it´s the best way to avoid players from stoping in you in your crusade against the shitheads

Were you the syndicate op?

edit: I fucking remember you.

The supermatter was delaminating while I was doing fusion in the incinerator. I came in to fix it while you were adding N2 cans to the SM over and over. Each time you added a can the temp dropped for a breif period of time and then immediately shot up again.

The reason it was delaming was because someone had spacewalked out behind the SM and unwrenched one of the pipes in the cooler, and nobody had setup a failsafe for this. That meant each time you added a can of N2 the temp would breifly drop down and then shoot back up again once the scrubbers siphoned out the N2 and the waste gasses filled up the chamber.

After I fixed it you were still adding N2 into the chamber in canisters over and over. I tried to explain myself while physically standing between you and the cansters. You started hitting me with a wrench for no reason and then I took your ID and put you outside of engineering.

Then you spent the whole fucking round screeching to the captain about how I demoted you for literally no reason despite you attacking me with a wrench over a fucking misunderstanding.

That felt like days or even weeks ago. You seriously held a fucking grudge for that long just beacuse you felt as if you were entitled to attack the CE and have no retaliation? That’s fucking pathetic.

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absolutely destroyed with facts and knowledge

nothing from any of the admins after an entire month and people wonder why this server is fucking unplayable after midnight

Local spaceman puts a fucking hatecurse, Demise-style, on other spaceman for defending themself and/or trying to get spaceman into cool kids club.

WEW admins oughta get in on this.

Wow this has been here a while. I’ll take a look at this today.

[2019-10-23 09:29:31.407] ATTACK: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) has shoved Kainoa/(Trinity Westcoat) (NEWHP: 100) (Starboard Primary Hallway (145, 129, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:29:25.748] ATTACK: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) has shoved Kainoa/(Trinity Westcoat) (NEWHP: 100) (Starboard Primary Hallway (138, 129, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:29:27.056] ATTACK: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) has shoved Kainoa/(Trinity Westcoat) (NEWHP: 100) (Starboard Primary Hallway (139, 129, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:29:28.306] ATTACK: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) has shoved Kainoa/(Trinity Westcoat) (NEWHP: 100) (Starboard Primary Hallway (141, 129, 2))

Shortened version of massive roundstart chainshoving for no reason.

[2019-10-23 09:30:37.520] SAY: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) “what” (Escape Shuttle Hallway (190, 131, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:30:40.637] SAY: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) “you attacked me first n****r” (Escape Shuttle Hallway (190, 131, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:30:58.037] SAY: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) “you’re a douche every round” (Starboard Primary Hallway (186, 129, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:31:01.291] SAY: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) “a valid hunting self antagging douche” (Starboard Primary Hallway (186, 129, 2))

After this conversation they fight and Israel is killed and cloned

He then tells the CE this

[2019-10-23 09:39:31.949] SAY: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) “trinity westcoat is a traitor” (Engineering (118, 72, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:39:34.812] SAY: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) “he tried to kill me” (Engineering (118, 72, 2))
[2019-10-23 09:39:39.693] SAY: RingingEars/(Israel Byers) “our atmospheric tech tried to kill me” (Engineering (118, 72, 2))

And the CE responds by doing this:

09:41:37 [0x2006cf0] (113,66,2) || the supermatter crystal has consumed Kainoa/(Trinity Westcoat).

Accepted via this and because he basically admitted it earlier.