Is this powergaming? questions list

simple questions for admins, preferebly headmins for various jobs and scenarios

getting maint access roundstart without a gimmick inmind except the possibility of finding one in maints

cargo tech:

  1. having a a riot shotgun bounty and just buying riot shotguns and selling them back for free money

  2. hacking the cargo console for contraband and buying contraband with the qms permission if there is one

specifically buying:
biker kit

russian surplus (the guns get sold back, only for the uniform)

contraband crates

making multiple stasis beds roundstart in medbay without asking for engineering

brig Phys: making multiple medical machines in your office including:

  1. stasis bed
  2. attached surgical computer to stasis bed
  3. sleeper (with tier 4 parts if available)
  4. chemistry machines
  5. cryo

engineering: modifying the sm when there is no CE by upgrading and adding more emitters and using tier 4 freezers for cooling


  1. getting ebolas roundstart
  2. asking warden for dragnet roundstart

When was the last time you played security? Ebolas are from the vendor officers literally spawn next to. It’s about as honest as asking if vending a crowbar is powergaming for engineers.

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Are suit sensors powergaming ?

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Fine just because of how common it is. However, don’t expect leniency froms us if you end up patrolling for 40 minutes doing nothing and then “accidentally stumble” upon a valid that you proceeded to crit and arrest ass “preemptive self-defence”.

Whatever, some admins may consider that an exploit maybe? I don’t care because of how broken the economy is anyway.


Fine, drip cool and funny

Forgot what’s inside. If it’s harmless syndie stuff like drip/posters then fine. If it’s tools that have some uses (soap, cigs, beer) then raise an eyebrow but as long as it’s not lethal or doesn’t give any form of significant advantage then it’s fine.

Also If security gets involved and the QM ahelps, mark it an IC issue.

Fine, ban viro preemptively before they make a shit virus.

Check that the brig phys isn’t metacomming with his felinid metagang and then move on. Drop a maxcap on viro as part of a bus to prevent viro from releasing a deathvirus.

Fine. Teleport the viro in the SM chamber because he’s gonna make and release a bad virus anyway so might as well prevent the issue.

Fine, warden and HOS giving away their gear is annoying and I would bwoink if I fear those players are just gaming and trying to optimize their build. Then, teleport the Viro in brig, cluwne him and rename him “The Antag”, then local narrate security with big flashing letters “Kill the antag!!!”.
Viro was about to make a bad virus anyway, as admin you should always check viro when anything happens.

I’m in my anti-virologist arc right now.


Leave my Virologists alone, you’ll hear from our lawyer.


What are your lawyers gonna do? Send amogus memes to everyone via pdas?


Imma gonna cry in the corner cause viro is now a hole.


The solution is to nerf mining.


You can actually use the morgue trays as stasis beds if you have a ton of people that are dying.


I did this the other day though my setup was even worse.

1: Stasis bed.
2: Operating computer.
3: Sleeper max parts.
4: All chemistry machines max parts.
5: Limb grower max parts.
6: Defib with max battery.
7: I was going to do cryo and an organ harvester but i ran out of time.


Dragnet is probably the Low tier power gaming, given the thing just drops you off to wherever the Dropnet is set up.

So long as its not SHITSEC and they haven’t set up the net to SPACE you then all you’ve earned is an instant one way ticket to brig.

HoP or Captain setting Security on high priority shiftstart?

Security getting implanted with tracking implant once the alert level hits blue?

Self-sabotage, anyone can teleport a bomb or beartraps onto any implanted tracker.

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