Is there something that you are pissed off from?

holopad thing was really annoying, and now I made a PR to change it a bit. (not merged yet, but hopefully it will be merged)

but by the way, I wonder if you have anything else like this that you’re pissed off from.

You know what else pisses me off about Holopads?

  1. the UI still kinda sucks.
  2. Only the A.I. can force activation of Holopads, why can’t heads of staff do it too?

but yeah giving Holo-pads runechat would ROCK.

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maybe next time for those. I will keep noted

Awwe yeah.

NGL when anyone plays Command in lowpop, being all over the place when you really need to be in your department would be astronomically easier with holo-pads.

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seeing the runic for custom emotes over holopads would be cool too. If you’re physically doing the action it would make sense for the holopad to reflect it

It’s really annoying that tagged packages loose their tag once they go though one sorter. It makes making complex sorting systems not possible and im sure is a bug judging by the code. im too dumb to fix it, other wise I would have :sweat_smile:

The sorting on cargo also likes to send everything to just one place inspite of seperate tagging, which is annoying as all hell.

How am I supposed to send mail through the tubes?!?

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Yeah is this a bug?

I used to play cargo and heavily use the pipe system but seems like 50% of the time everything was screwed…

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