Is there a way to take clothes off as a borg

Im playing mediborg, and doing surgeries is cancer, people dont take clothes off even after you ask them 20 times, happened during multiple rounds.
Can i somehow take them off

Harm intent drag their sprite onto yours

Smh just saw directly until all of their organs go away, then clone them and problem bwoinked

harm intent drag sprite onto yours

holy shit thank you so much this is a game changer i would never figure it out, many players who played borg didnt know it either at all @Silicon thanks to both of you

Borgs dont wear clothes, you dumbass.

they do though, at least hats

Sorry my change caused so much confusion. There was an issue where dragging a player into you as a cyborg would also open the strip menu and take your focus away from the game, which was annoying.

oh hello there, are u a coder then ? What do you think about organ bag storing blood bags so we can maybe place them in iv drip ( i have no clue how to transfer blood as a borg, other than using saline which is temporary it says )