Is the guidelines document up to date?

I’ve read through it a couple of times and there are a few things I’ve found in the rules section and others which appear to be different to the rules on the website. I’d like to know which are and aren’t true:

  • Does miming out a complete sentence as a mime make you valid?

  • Does being forced to speak via voice of god etc. as a mime make you not valid?

  • Do Trialmins need to get authorisation for issuing jobbans? According to the document they only need to do so for server bans yet looking at the bans page Moccha is asking for authorisation for every type of ban. Which is correct?

So for the last one, yes, you can. For the first one, if they are emoting “he killed John in maint” that’s not cool, but like “the pda shows ‘error: messaging server not found’” is alright