Is anyone else uncomfortable with the people talking like toddlers IC?

When it was just one person it was easy enough to ignore but now they’ve got followers and copycats doing it and I’m really hoping this doesn’t become a trend.

It makes me legitimately uncomfortable. Very few things make me genuinely uncomfortable.

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I’m mildly concerned by what you mean. Do you have examples?

I’m not sure how you haven’t seen these people. One of them is infamous/famous for it and everyone knows who it is.

Kate Lasagnya.

I don’t care what you want to call it. Furry speak, uwu speak, whatever you want to call it. It’s toddler speak. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and it’s barely tolerable. And this isn’t a bit they do as clown, it’s something they do no matter what job they play.


If you mean uwuspeak call it uwuspeak. If you mean something else show screenshots.

Uwuspeak isnt cute, fun, or disgusting for that matter. Its stupid, like it should be. It serves a very similar function to the race of catpeople. You pick it (or speak it) to be insufferable and to provoke people into active meaningless conflict.


The lack of time I spend on MRP probably has something to do with it, despite preferring the server.

All in favor of uwu-speak making you valid on both servers?


please it has been horrendous there are groups of felinds


I don’t like seeing it at all. It doesn’t make me angry, it just makes me really really sad. I would really just rather these people not do it.

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Yes please

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I concur with this actually Ive seen a ton of femboy felinid copycats recently and its kinda fuckin gross. Like one of them was given the ID “Captains little femboy” I was kinda uncomfortable its best to just ignore them like the plague imo.

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God is dead and we killed him.


This is why the chrono-legionnaire smite needs to be implemented, fast


It was cursed. Absolutely cursed.

change felinids to have all the clown’s debuffs like shooting themselves half the time, cuffing themselves instead of the person they’re targeting, etc etc


I’m being serious though.

I’m not one to impose my will on others or to prevent people from enjoying the game how they want, but the sincere lack of consideration for others it takes to “role play” as a toddler constantly and consistently is a massive red flag.

Is there anything the admin team can do to mitigate the toddler RP?

I am in favor of this

in addition, let medical staff put any crit felinids that come to them under anesthesia to remove their ears and tail

implement paywall to support beeconomy.

back at it again with these threads are we

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screw you, guy, this is a good one