Is anyone dead yet

is anybody dead yet lmk

ok i don’t condone suicide though it’s not a joke u can do on a repeat basis especially if u know someone who’s committed or attempted suicide so to be clear, don’t commit suicide. Accidental deaths would be preferable

I’m still alive here in Sweden

That’s what i told you to do #W

Did someone shit in your cornflakes, what is with this recent tirade?

From what I understand the big badmins banned him or something and he’s decided to RAGE AGAINST THE BEESTATION rather than moving on and doing literally anything else. That or he’s trying to mantle Ahngri, the hidden Daedric Prince of Salt and Wrath over petty things.

ok this is replying to @MaskedCrash too Yes someone shat in my cornflakes. it was the Bourgouise That IS the administrative staff of beestation i am SINGLE-HANDLEDLY creating the revolution. No salt here :bangbang:

is his name really anghri or did u make that up

Down with the bee
The wasp shall rise up

Yes and he needs YOUR HELP. The other Daedric Princes have had enough of his shit and are going to check his vibe, which he is destined to fail. You can help him by sending all of your vibe energy to him. Ways of accomplishing this include not wishing the staff of some spessmen server to undergo painful demises.

whats his venmo ???

He’s a resident of Oblivion he doesn’t have one. He requires YOUR vibes in order to pass the vibe check. Even Sheogorath is gonna check his vibe so he’s gonna need ALL of your vibes.

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Wasted opportunity to say Beegousie. Wasted thread. Existence is pain

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ur support will be rewarded