Ironicpower Player Report (man)

   Title: Ironicpower Player Report
   CKEY: Lacran

   Your Discord: Kiwi

   Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Man

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 16/9/2020

   Round Number: 21356

   Rules Broken: 13/14

   Incident Description: A PAI was opening the cell doors to perma to release a prisoner so any time I saw it on the brig I attacked with my my police baton to either chase it off your attempt to wipe it, the HoS ordered I stop, so I stopped to explain the situation to him, I also told him to check with the A.I. I then continued attempting to remove the PAI from the brig as we had discovered the prisoner it had tried to release was a ling. The HoS kept telling me to leave it, I kept reminding him what had occurred and he kept ignoring it in favor or protecting the PAI. Eventually he did check with the A.I which had reported the PAI, and it confirmed my story, the HoS finally ordered it wiped, I called him an idiot for stopping me and shoved him. He then demoted me, citing insubordination.

The issue I take with this is a head knowingly punishing an officer for attempting to stop a PAI from releasing perma prisoners from the brig, which is a task a sec officer is expected to do. Demoting an officer on the grounds of not following an order which both breaks space law and could potentially result in more antags getting out of perma is fundamentally bad Head Play.

Regarding the shoving yes that is assault and could be punishable but in the context of the HoS stopping an officer from removing a direct threat to the station, and making little effort to investigate the situation promptly, a shove is a pretty reasonable response. Demoting an officer for not following orders you now KNOW to be both unlawful and dangerous is not a reasonable response for a Head of Security to have.

   Additional Information:


You need to get a particular trust level (I forget which one) before you can embed photos on the forums I think

Iirc you have to follow the heads of staffs’ orders however stupid they may be. Esp on mrp.

What you’re talking about is a 211 under space law. You can’t demote someone for not following any order, like “kill yourself” or “steal this” as it wouldn’t be a lawful order. Letting a PaI that was aiding and abetting a ling remain on the brig would fall under dereliction of duty (311), making this order unlawful.

Its security’s job to keep perma prisoners in perma, especially antags, this is critical. Ordering an officer to stand down and let a ling get out isn’t a lawful order. The HoS had found out that the prisoner was a ling, and the PaI had let them out prior to demoting me.