Iron Maiden Player Report

CKEY: Crow4

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Abdpocoyo

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Iron Maiden (borg)

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/25/2021

Round Number: 31603

Rules Broken: Silicon laws, M1, M3

Incident Description: I was a warden hanging out in ship’s brig when a engi borg ran up to the window and started saying things to me for some reason, it kept trying to enter brig, I told it “law 2 go away from shuttle brig” twice, instead of doing that he decided to bolt open all the doors to shuttle brig and then bolt them locked before attempting to unbolt shuttle bridge’s doors. He said “i’m malf” or something to that effect. They were 100% on crewsimov at the time.

Additional Information: lame

If I remember correctly this was during the mutiny round

Cause your if so Ahana changed the ai laws and decrewified you

It was indeed however at that point the nt official stopped the hostilities between sec and sci at that point, also Yolanda constantly does mutiny shit, and never gets a bean even though it’s really really dumb, at the point of the round at least, there were no more loyalists… It was just someone being a baby. If ya wanna be a baby don’t play silicon.

I don’t really have much to add, but I was the captain this round.

Iron Maiden went out of its way to ignore its laws so it could join the mutiny.

Along with AI begging for the clown to add a law, silicones were pretty bad that round.

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I was Iron Maiden, and I was pretty sure silicons were subverted so only Yolanda and anyone she calls a “loyalist” are crew. If that law was removed, I didn’t notice and I’m sorry for what I did.

The law wasn’t removed, at the time there were no more “loyalists” as an NT guy came and smoothed it over apparently. You only did it because you were angry you couldn’t do whatever you wanted, and tried to cover it up by saying “I’m malf” randomly. Law 4 they added comes after law 2. I’ve been beaned for way less offenses on silicon, so I’m really hoping this gets looked into, especially as you want to be a mentor apparently.

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Also to poke a hole in that law 4 again so it’s not used as a dumb “but NUH-UHHHH”, you didn’t ask Yolanda if I was a loyalist or not before you decided to ignore the 2 separate commands I gave you, instead you spent the rest of the round running in circles around me on the evac shuttle before I was randomly killed by a golem. I ahelped it but Doctorwueue didn’t look into it, and instead told me to just make a PR

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The malf statement was just a joke to scare people, I never heard of someone from NT who “smoothed things out”, but the NT guy can’t change who’s a loyalist or not, only Yolanda can, and even then they can’t make themselves a non-loyalist since that was baked into the law iirc.

the malf thing was just a joke to scare people

Not roleplaying there, pretty lame thing to do, you also bolted all the doors to shuttle bridge / brig open while doing that, high risk areas violation of law 1.

You didn’t hear about the Centcomm official who entered the round specifically to stop Yolanda from once again doing a dumb mutiny gimmick thing? It was def on the end screen. Also I wasn’t a loyalist or whatever you guys were doing. I’m not roleplaying some dumbass thing that’s skating on the edge of the rules because haha funne

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Sorry, I didn’t stop to ask whether you were a loyalist or not (although even then the law made it so Yolanda themselves would have needed to call you a loyalist).
I don’t think you can blame the golem attacking you on me, I didn’t control any golems.
You can probably blame me for letting a possibly protected class be killed, though it was a packed and chaotic shuttle.

Also I think Yolanda declared sec as non-loyalists, but don’t quote me on that.

(although even then the law made it so Yolanda themselves would have needed to call you a loyalist).

You just assumed I wasn’t a ‘loyalist’ because I was getting in the way of your… whatever you were doing. If you read the comms at all, apparently you missed the entire centcomm official thing, you’d see that was already resolved.

The shuttle’s high risk areas were “chaotic” specifically because you decided to randomly allow every dumbass fogging up the windows with their space-breath to wander in and start shoving people. I don’t blame you for my death. The free golem decided to kill me with their mech, which I ahelped, and the round end was delayed for half an hour, then my ticket was marked investigating, then round ended. Opened new ahelp, Doctorwueue said they must have misclicked my ticket or something and that they weren’t going to look into it at all, and instead to just come here so this report can sit for weeks / months. I accept your apology, but I think it was just being lame.

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I genuinely didn’t know a CentCom official came and resolved things over comms (I didn’t look at the roundend panel), but if you were declared a protected class, I take full blame for breaking the rules then.

I highly doubt I was declared anything. I just sat in brig the entire round then moved to shuttle brig. I never saw Yolanda or the Cap doin whatever they were doing, or at all for that matter. I think I saw HoS like… 3 times? Mostly I was just chillin doin my warden job. I can’t like go on patrol and arrest or anything, I had 5 secoffs doin that and my job was to y’know control the brig from the like 3 people arrested, Yolanda was never arrested, or brought in, the entire mutiny thing they KEEP DOING is a real round ruiner, but that’s their trip i reckon.

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Silicone shouldn’t be doing this no matter the laws, its against RP

The AI that round watched as i die when you killed me, the ai made NO attempt to save me so

The AI is under no obligation to save you

the AI is however under law 1 prevent human harm which you caused, (and so did i) so the ai should’ve bolted you in to prevent further harm

Almost no one was actually harmed except one person that was executed. After that I promised the AI that I would not hurt anyone else, and simply arrest the mutineers.

Even the AI agreed that arresting them would be the better cause of action rather than let them run free.

I know we had our IC differences but I found it very professional you were willing to actually RP out situations. 10/10 would play with

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