IPC atmos interaction revamp

IPCs no longer take pressure damage.(Kinda)
IPCs now need internals.(Kinda)
IPCs now have a organ called “Heat Sink”

New system for IPCs:
IPCs will naturally increase body temp
The heat sink organ will decrease body temp in accordance with the atmos surrounding it.
In low pressure environments the heat sink will not work as well and will not work at all in a vacuum.
Cooler air will cool down the IPC.
Hotter air will heat up the IPC.

When cold enough (<200 K) an IPC will gain speed bonuses and will gain 25% burn armor(taking their natural weakness down to 1.5 instead of 2.0 when cold.)
When hot enough(>350 K) an IPC will loose speed and take 3x burn damage.
At 400 K IPCs will start taking burn damage.
When in crit the heat sink will stop functioning, replacing the old IPC crit system.

Emergency heat sinks can be made(after IPC parts researched) and found in IPC emergency boxes that reduce the body heat of an IPC by 150K once.

Upgraded heat sinks:
Now a real reason to research IPC organs.

Bluespace heatsink: Effective at half the pressure that normal heatsinks are. Requires miniaturized bluespace and IPC organs.

Nullspace heatsink: Effective anywhere. Requires abductor tech and IPC organs.

sounds interesting but needs some tweaks

the heat numbers need be tweaked better
alternative heat sinks shouldn’t exist
low pressure immunity should be replaced with low pressure resistance

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yep, those numbers were placeholders but i do want the levels to be somewhat symmetrical.

why not, more research and makes IPCs more viable after genetics and nanites have been done.

they are not immune to low pressure, it will effect them in a different way.

Fastmos is getting replaced by Linda
Who is Linda, and why is she doing atmos? Linda is an atmos system where everything atmos happens slower. It is way more performant and hopefully manageable(compared to fartmos/fastmos/monstermos, and hopefully means sometime you won’t get space hurricanes from shuttles).

While this sounds decent, IPCs are kinda crapcode, so making it better would be a good first step before even changing how they work.

when the suggestion on IPC changes turns into an atmos rant.

My bad, I’ll get rid of those.

Bad Ruko

Well his title does contain atmos in it

But yea, when i play robo its rare for me to print ipc parts, as most dead ipc are either gibbed, or only need some wires and welding, with this at least ipc player want to get an another organ beside xray eye

You still running an Windows XP? No?

This post was designed to make IPCs function more like machines than hippy crapcode amalgamation. If we are going to ‘untangle’ the code and make them workable, at least we can make them cool.

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