Introduction to the botnis union

So you want to join the botnis union?
Well ill give you some quick pointers to get you on your way.

  1. Rarthsblood etiquette: So you have a earthsblood plant and are about to start making the trays glow? STOP first for the love of gratfruit remember to before earthsblooding a tray to add at least 1 u robust harvest to it. When you earthsblood a tray the last effect from a special fertilizer sticks in the tray. So e-z your plants will mutate a little every time you harvest with a trend to the NEGATIVE, left for z? the plants will fucking die. robust harvest on the other hand? a permanent +30% to all harvests from the tray. so remember to ad robust harvest before earthsblooding. It will save you a lot of effort in the long run.

  2. How to keep the bottling plant busy: early on after getting your earthsblood and making 1 or 2 trays for food you should start working on giving some work to the bottling plant (chemistry). To begin with you can make a earthsblood mantinol plant.
    step 1. get the earthsblood
    step 2. take water from pineapples (4%), hydrogen from grass (5%) and sugar from cherries (7%)
    step 3. remember to put perennial growth and denseified chemicals on it. (liquid contents, gaseous decomposition are optional if you with to make healing grenades)
    step 4. maximize potency and yield (before and after planting it)
    step 5. start dumping it on on the door of the bottling plant
    step 6. ignore any discontentment from the chemists. if they are not doing this they are making meth anyway so your making them a net positive to the station.

After you are done with this the actual work begins
3. O my fucking lord how many do i have to go through!
Now we begin the strange seed lottery.
step 1. set up 3-4 trays of wheat/Cantrell with 100 potency, 10 yield, perennial growth and 20% nutrients (gotten from watermelons)
step 1.5. nag sci for upgrades to your machines
step 2. harvest the plants
step 3. pit it in the boigenerator and process it
step 4. make as many strange seeds as possible
step 5. sort through the strange seeds (remember to take all traits and then try to pick out as many healing chems as possible)
step 6. repeat step 2 to 5 till you get what you want (warning this may take some time)
step 7. orgasm when you get restorative nanites.

4: Supper-healers
Ever wondered if you can be toolbox prof? the answer is yes.
step 1. take omega weed (the union does not condone the growing of any drugs as they have sullied the name of the profession for to long but omega weed have extra high reagent capacity so it is actually necessary)
step 2. add as many of the healing chems you got from the lottery as possible until you hit the reagent cap. prioritize better healers over worse ones. (reminder to orgasm again if you got restorative nanites)
step 2.5. if you are growing it solely to give to the bottling plant at this point you start growing.
step 3. add gaseous decomposition and liquid contents or make cigarettes (everything you eat give at least 1 nutrient so if you plan in eating the plant you will become unable to consume more after some time)
step 4. start poping it when bad people start hitting you and laugh at their confusion when you are not even getting slowdown after they hit you a bunch of times with their toolbox.

The things a proud member of the botnis union does not do

  1. grow drugs: they are bad for the crew and you are generally unproductive
  2. put mut toxins in the things you give to the chef or not properly labeling it
  3. not take regenerative nanites in a strange seed if they are available
  4. plant gratfruit without first modifying it first so its any good.
  5. make poisons
  6. deploy shadow shroms. Its a dick move dont do it.

Things the members of the botnis union are expected to do.

  1. grow medicin
  2. make sure the chef does not bother you by having atleast 2 plant trays growing stuff for him.
  3. do the bounties for cargo.
  4. modify the gratfruit so it has as good stats as posible before planting. thank the xenobio man for giving it to you.

So are you ready to join the ranks of the botnis union and clear botnis name of the stigma of weed growers and ashats? Are you going to join the chemists who i expect will be sending death threats for me telling you to flood them with earthsblood mantinol plants?

Boris Stefanowich: secretary of the botnis union.

decided to make a guide somewhat in character like others have on here i know its not a basic “how to botnis” but its more dedicated to etiquette and how to really be a productive member of society as a botnis man.


robust harvest doesn’t increase yield, you absolute brainlet
you can achieve the same effect of detterent by making nitroglycerin explosives
durathread basically negates like a shitton if you have the helmet, jumpsuit, vest
if you get nanomachines from strange seeds laugh as you basically can turn quite literally anyone into a borg
if chemists didn’t make healing shit earlier don’t give them the healing shit because they won’t even try to do something with them
also acquire every potted plant and put it into the main botnis room and make punji sticks everywhere and cosplay vietnam

robust harvest plases a modifier on the size of the harvest that increases it by 30% it is its entire fucking purpose.

you do not want deterrent you want to be a productive member of society. not a bomb factory or a drug plantation.

Thank your for the earthsblood/e-z nutrient/robust harvest tip. I was wondering what I had cocked up.

Going to be honest, the only things I’ve noticed botanists do are make potatoes into hand grenades, and make wheat that turns people into felinids/abductors/lizards on contact.

That stigma is what I am trying to counteract here by promoting actually being helpful to the station and it’s crew

Just play chemist smh these normies and their plants

Ok try mass producing mulligan