InspectorGadgetini Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: blazikenowen

   Your Discord:blazikenowen

   Offender’s CKEY:InspectorGadgetini

   LRP or MRP server:LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Squidward

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05.19.2021

   Round Number:29806

   Rules Broken: I would say unneed escalation and don't be a dick also self antag

   Incident Description: So round got a gimmick due to samantha where renault became big and turned into a cult. 

As a joke as clown I gave renault a few taps with synthisizer knowing he wouldn’t die.
I made it obvious it was a joke and was attacked and put into crit by a few players, one of which picked me up and put me on their shoulder and for 10 minutes carried me around as I was dying without healing me or cuffing me and then heal me.
Had I killed renault, fine, that is a reason to kill me. But I didn’t, and I actually had intentions to heal renault after but was just put into crit and carried around pretty close to med a few times.
The whole time while I was conscious but in crit begging to be healed, letting them know it was a joke and that I was a “fan of renault and had all his stuff”, even asking renault to have them heal me.
Instead I died and the cult killed others too, one for from what I know accidently hitting renault and some others for not liking renault.
Later in the round I thought I was going to be cloned, only for a medic to pull me away telling the person going to clone me “not the moth”
I then got semi robbed while dead by what was apparently a traitor for no reason

   Additional Information: viny1 is gonna dig around for round ID

“semi” readable format ( dude, next time don’t put all of it into a single sentence)

ok next time I will put no spaces

Much like your old reports before you stopped playing, this is nearly unreadable.

Learn punctuation or don’t make reports. If we can’t understand the issue, we can’t process the report.

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I will continue to report but can you stop trying to go at me for punctuation I’m sorry I am unable to grasp fully how to use it due to issues with my special needs but I’ve actively mentioned this issue before in the past so can you stop with that

I understand your first language isn’t English, it doesn’t change that your report must be legible to be processed.

You will use punctuation or your report will be closed.

solved read it now
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