Inky4567 ban appeal

Title: inky4567 banned by haliris

CKEY: inky4567

Admin’s CKEY: haliris

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: LRP behaviour

Ban Length: 14 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 08/11/22

Round ID: 41280

Ban Reason: LRP banter and breaking character

Appeal Reason: first of the HOS was gonna ling test me i stopped him in looc but not only did hos break sop many times he did implant me with a tracker for no good reason with reasoning being your a ling with no real proof saying i was close to him but many people were close to him not only did he arrest me and plan to debrain me and when i got out he never gave my stuff back only my jumsuit radio pda and shoes he took my bag baclava anything else i had and said i was never getting it back so i got mad but i dont know what i said which was out of character and i didnt do anything to disturb the department really unless they were babies and spent time crying there eyes out i didnt disturb em any way and i put it in all caps to show i was mad to RP everything i did was in RP and 14 days for breaking RP? is a bit over the top i just said a few things in caps and demanding my right note that it was code blue and was set because hos got a cryo sting then randomly arrested me.

Additional Information: i was not a ling and many people were close to him.

According to space law, the use of that tracking implant was perfectly fine.

Ling tests, however, are not permitted. Also, security is allowed to take whatever contraband and tools which you used to commit crime. Do tell if they went over the line. Oh and, please format your post in a more readable format.

Full ban reason:

Be excellent to each other, you must roleplay. Got super mad at the hos for catching them as ling, and spent a great part of the round just lashing out at them in all caps, including some LRP banter. I believe you can do better. Don’t break character, especially if it’s to just argue with people.

Your ban reason is missing the fact that this was the result of a player report, if you want to know more details on your ban. Usually the reason includes that.

Mainly the fact that you said

“Comdon” “shitter” “unrobust” “L bozo” all IC

Comdon, unrobust, and “L bozo” are all OOC memes and show that you are not speaking as a character, as a space station ling thousands of years in the future does not say “L bozo”

I reviewed hos’ conduct during the original report and found their IC conduct acceptable, I didn’t investigate whether ling testing or anything of the sort because the subject of the report was your conduct regarding rule 7: Be excellent to each other.

The hos is irrelevant here, the only relevant thing is your conduct, anything mentionning how the hos acted or how you dislike them is off topic. I’ll think more about this appeal later.

how was i meant to know that its not in the rules

i get i acted a execiseve but 14 days for saying a few words and i didnt know they were out of character i see people saying it most the time in sage i just think 14 days is a bit much reduce it maybe?

“You have to roleplay” is litteraly rule 1


yea i know that but i didnt know we couldent say L bozo or unrobust or condom since i see people on the server use it sometimes

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It’s implied from R1.5 and R1.6.

Oh sorry i read it wrong then apologies ill keep it in mind

Since you seem to have come to your senses somewhat, I’ll reduce this to one week.

Start roleplaying an actual character, not roleplaying is the root cause of most issues. You will be banned again for something potentially completely unrelated if you do not start roleplaying.