Infinity Panda Ban Appeal: I am sorry

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

infinity Panda or Infinity Panda or all lower letters

Admin’s CKEY:

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Sage Roleplay Beestation

Which server did the ban happen on?
Sage Roleplay beestation

Ban Type:
single server

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Round ID:

Ban Reason:
Gave a bunch of guns to cargo for no reason other than “roleplay is boring” go to our non rp server then

Appeal Reason:
i am sorry i thought it was low RP, i am new to the game just got it like two days ago, so i don’t understand some "elements quit yet, so i checked out golden and other server but none of them is as good for me as Sage, pleas i am not meaning to be a griefer, ill roleplay, i am sorry

Additional Information:
i cant really defend myself futher then this ill take any feed back


If you’re that new, you should avoid security and command jobs, since as you yourself said, you don’t understand some elements quite yet. Wiki states it too.

I don’t think you even read the new rules. If you did, you would know you should NEVER give the armory away if there is no immediate danger (nukies, blob etc.) and the alert level is not RED. So read up on the new rules and new SOP guidelines.

Also always check what server you’re on, sometimes when Sage is full you get redirected to Golden.

Thanks I’ll check it out I am sorry

NGL, if you’re quoted saying “Roleplay is dumb” it tells me you don’t have any interest in it at all and I think this is a hollow appeal in an effort to get back in to the more populated server.

If you really don’t like RP, you aren’t going to magically conform to it suddenly.

I don’t think this should be lifted.


well i played some of the non RP server but its just not as fun, and now that i understand the game more i think o change my mind is some area’s, and yes it more populated, and i cant defend myself futher then that, so i will take any punisment you give me

i was maybe trying to have to much fun

whilst I believe they deserve some sort of rp ban I think a permanent rp ban is too harsh especially it being their first offence


Staying off the RP server seems like a good bet. I’m also in favour of keeping it.

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personly i would wish to go back to the rp server but the admin will decide thank you

also i meant the roleplay is boring actaully as i joke but if you still think i need a ban thats fine

Taking this over since @Caecilius has resigned, and denying the appeal with @Aeder as second opinion.