Incursion Lowpop Medbay Bomb

CKEY: Dinakeri

Your Discord: Dethstorm#1023

Offender’s CKEY: Venmus, Antops12, Zimon9, Carlospaul

Offender’s In-Game Name: Astatine Lvoa, Beta, Cryphia Liebherri, Carlos Paul

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-06-2023 (May be 02-05-2023 depending on timezones)

Round Number: 42577

Rules Broken: 8 & 13?

Incident Description: I was a chemist this round (Robert Digson), I spent the 30 minutes of my shift making chems until a syndicate bomb was planted in chemistry maint, which gibbed me. I was later cloned and kept going with the round as normally as I could, with a bombed medbay in lowpop. I expected either Hijack or an Assasination objective against me, but it was neither. They seemingly had no reason to bomb medbay, nor a reason to kill me in particular.

Additional Information: Here are the objectives of the incursion team
Objective #1: Destroy D.E.S.U., the experimental AI. Success!
Objective #2: Destroy D.E.S.U., the experimental AI. Success!
Objective #3: Destroy D.E.S.U., the experimental AI. Success!
Objective #4: Melody Baker, the Scientist has been declared an ex-communicate of the syndicate. Eliminate them. Success!
Objective #5: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody. Success!

I am unsure as to which member was the bomber, so I am including all of them in this report.

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Heya i was Beta that round, and I believe the bomber was Carlos Paul, assuming cause i knew what all my other team members purchased. Anyway he didn’t tell us he was bombing medbay or why all we got was “GET OUT OF MEDBAY SYDICATE BOMB” and that’s that. He didn’t even help us clear the teams objectives.

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I was a virologist, and I can definitely say there was no reason to bomb the medical bay during their objectives. Not to mention they also tried? To hijack the shuttle just because they can, from what I recall as.

Ill take a look into this when i get home from work.

Alright so first:
GAME: Carlospaul/(Carlos Paul) has primed a syndicate bomb at Central Medbay Maintenance (98, 100, 2) for detonation (Payload: bomb payload). (Central Medbay Maintenance (98, 99, 2))
yeah Carlos was the one who bought the bomb and primed it, however, as near as I can tell this was done in order to stop the cloning of their target, Melody Baker.
TCOMMS: Halinder/(Felix Shick) [Security] (spans: ) "Beta is fine, Melody has her brain and is husked and catatonic." (language: Galactic Common) (Medbay Aft (88, 95, 2))
This line of logs is taken from just after Carlos was talking to someone about Melody being cloned. This line comes over comms and after Carlos plants the bomb in maintenance to ensure they cannot be cloned. We do allow bombing of a department so long as A) the target is in the department you are targeting and B) the bomb you detonate does not spread to other departments but remains contained. I believe this case falls under these parameters and as such is alright. Thank you for the report and please make sure to report things when you believe there may have been an issue in the future!

Report rejected