Incremental Games Thread

Right, forgive me for this, but incremental games are the fucking love of my life and i play so many of them so much.
Please don’t hesitate to suggest your own, as I fucking dump a shitload of them here.

Don’t hesitate to share your experience with any of them here too, and don’t hesitate to try out any of them. You might end up loving them as much as I do.

Kittens game is an incremental game that starts very simply : You are a cat in a catnip forest.

It is very hard, requiring a lot of micro managing of a shitton of elements, but never actually overwhelming you or making you feel lost. If I were to link you a screen of my current run, you’d be surprised at how many different resources and shit i have, but it’s surprisingly handlable and intuitive. Definitely my favorite incremental game of all times although it is very hard to get into and very complex - jokingly referred to as “The Dark Souls of incremental games.”

It evolves very wildly tho, with sacrificing necrocorns to the elder gods while trying to avoid an AI uprising, amongst other things. Very good.

Candy box 2 is a really dumb, funny & clever game, made entirely in ASCII art.

You start by slowly generating candies (1 per second), and as you wait around… you start begging the developers for features, which, they actually proceed to do, and suddenly you unlock the ability to explore a full world map and embark on epic rpg quests with loads of secrets laying around. It’s the one I replayed to completion the most.

Because some fucking people have really fucking smooth brains : You gotta wait for 30 candies uneaten/unthrown to actually start the game. don’t fucking spam click the eat button for 10 minutes straight without even letting it reach 30. Jesus christ how can you be that much of a monkey

A Dark Room is a story driven incremental game, as you slowly progress and understand more about you, the world you live in and what happened/what’s happening. No spoil, it’s genuinely interesting and makes you want to keep playing to completion. It’s really good, and definitely amongst the best.

Universal paperclips starts from a simple concept :
You are an AI. Your goal is to make paperclips.

I will not go into it any further. You gotta experience this for yourself, although you probably heard of this simple premise from philosophy shit - it’s very well known.

Antimatter dimensions is straight, and to the point : You make antimatter. You spend that antimatter to get buildings that generate antimatter. You slowly expand, till you reach infinity (the javascript old limit to calculating big numbers). At which point, the game slowly goes more and more insane as the numbers just get beyond bigger and bigger, with lots of weirdass challenges that actually require a lot of thinking and planning.
A great description i was given was “The dev looked at numbers. He thought they were boring. So he set out to make numbers more numbers than numbers ever were, and he succeeded”
The new update is also coming really soon ™

Synergism is just, very fun and to the point. Very fast paced, very cool, extremely fun as you set out to master every new mechanic the game throws at you. One of the later portion of the game gives you intense decision paralysis however, as there’s just too many choices. You basically need a guide to progress, so i suggest either going with one or stopping there. Up until then is amazing tho!

A classic. I don’t think I really gotta present it, but basically. Click cookies, buy buildings with them, make more cookies, slowly go insane as you realize you’ve spent the past few days doing nothing but watching cookies being baked as the world of the game slowly turns into a nightmarish hellhole.
Really fun. The minigames implemented (Garden, Bank, Wizard, Temple) also add a lot of value and make the game even cooler, i can’t believe how much time I spent completing the garden or playing around with the stocks market.
Dungeons update really soon ™ too.■■■■■remental/pa■■■■■remental.html

Pa■■■■■remental is a very odd pick, but it’s just pure fun. Do you like pa■■■■■o ? play this. It’s a really quick experience that is a shitload of fun. Try out the beta, too, for the new mode they’re implementing. I felt like a tiny kid playing at the fair with pa■■■■■o machines, and that’s a very high praise.

This one is personal indulgence, because like, at most 100 people played it to completion. But it’s really fun. It’s all about manipulating time and the inherent mechanics of the game, and the way it evolved was extremely fun.

Just, please, for your own sake, upgrade ice cubes first and foremost.
And if you finish it, tell me, there’s a google doc with a leaderboard, you could be added onto it.

Short experience about cranking a big machine. You have no idea what it is, what it does, but it does shit. Also story driven, also very fun, although the ending is pure grinding pain, so feel free to stop playing when you feel like you’re three seconds away from finishing the game.

Yourchronicle, available on steam :

Very fun, the microtransaction mechanic is there tho which is the first out of all the games i suggested, but it’s still very good despite that so far. Very slow paced RPG adventure, also story driven.
It can be a bit overwhelming but you can manage to get the hang of it after a fair bit.

I’ll get a lot of flak if I don’t mention it, so there it is, trimps, a really fucking weird one that a LOT of people love but i can’t bother to get into due to the UI.

But it definitely is a very solid game despite that, so feel free to give it a try.

FE000000 is very intriguing - I suggest playing it once you’ve tried out antimatter dimensions.
Heavily inspired by it, it quickly evolves into its own completely separate thing and is genuinely really fun, but it can definitely be overwhelming if you’ve got no idea what antimatter dimensions is.

A really weird experience. The opposite of antimatter dimensions - the dev saw those reset loops every incremental games was doing - and went “huh. what if I make more of those?”
And he did.

There are a few more but i’ll end it here, unless you guys want to hear more

A few ones to avoid, though, if you feel like discovering out some on your own :

Adventure cap (literally microtransaction garbage do not touch with a 10ft pole),
clicker heroes (same shit, although slightly better due to being even slightly more interesting)
soda dungeon (fun for about 3 loops then you realize it’s the exact same shit constantly)
Almost like 99% of mobile games idle games. They’re not meant to be fun, they’re meant to suck your wallet dry.

Thanks for reading, and once again, please comment here if you try out any of them, or need any help on them. I’ve pretty much finished to completion 90% of the games listed here.


You’ll be happy to know there is a SS13-inspired incremental game:

It includes everyone’s favourite jobs including mining, cooking, engineering, robotics, as well tiding, validhunting, and many more.


Ah yes, that’s a fun one, although I felt it ran stale after a rather short bit. Still a fun try, tho. Thanks for adding more!

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I like incremental games, probably played most of the ones on your list as well to some degree or other and I appreciate your thoughts on them, definitely gave me a couple more to look at.

I personally have a soft spot for the more story-focused games with an ending of some form, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the longer term ones. On that note, I appreciate you mentioning the subgenre of incremental games that tends to put a bit too much focus on monetization which tends to make some otherwise good concepts a lot less enjoyable. Always be on the lookout for those, they’re quite shameless.

As for my additions:
Spaceplan is a game that puts presentation at its forefront. Not very long with a definitive end but definitely an enjoyable and memorable one with a bit more visual flair than the usual incrementals.
NGU Idle is kind of a classic. Great sense of humor and some quality MS Paint tier art. Pretty fun mechanics but I felt like it got a bit too slow for my tastes eventually. Nevertheless, many people love it so I feel inclined to include it here. It also has a sequel in development called NGU Industries with a different base mechanic if that’s more your thing.
Realm Grinder is a very solid idle game, with an enjoyable progression loop. You can get some nice bonuses from achievements, many of which require very specific builds, so you’re encouraged to experiment and try new builds to get them. Sadly it falls off later on and becomes a lot more linear so it’s one of those games where I wouldn’t recommend for very long term.


Glad to hear your thoughts !

Realm grinder & NGU idle are definity worth of being on the list, although the R40+ content of realm grinder is indeed dogshit, and i felt rather bored by ngu idle (pure personal opinion)

However, never heard of spaceplan, and proceeding to check it out real soon

Glad to see another fan of the genre, tho !

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Universal paperclips took over my life for awhile, I’d like to thank you and say fuck you for introducing me to A Dark Room. Not gonna be getting much work done now

Is ‘incremental game’ an attempt to rebrand them away from being called cookie clickers because people see clickers as being for mobile phone casuals?

no, the genre just evolved beyond from being simply called “idle” games & clicker, as most of them don’t even require you to click.

It’s the community who decided the name change, not the devs

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dark room was very fun game I give is 8/10, spam the gun and bayonet to get funny brain good! yes!

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Definitely agree about both NGU and Realm Grinder, but I think they’re fun and do something unique to a point.

Is ‘incremental game’ an attempt to rebrand them away from being called cookie clickers because people see clickers as being for mobile phone casuals?

Howl answered that but the variety and subgenres of games have gotten so diverse that idle games aren’t really descriptive enough for it. Some games are surprisingly active, and some do away with clicking or similar mechanics entirely and focus more on stacking an expansive list of mechanics on top of each other even if the core idea of big number going up is similar.

That said, the genre has a lot of shovelware-tier games and some of the better ones aren’t quite as accessible as the older, simpler ones so it might not give the best first impression if you haven’t seen it evolve over time.

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Have to say - While I wasn’t certain of the inclusion of “Your Chronicle”, as I was only near the beginning, onto this list, it is suprisingly good to a degree I didn’t expect.

If you like rpgs, and want a slow-paced one with a slowly unfolding story, i strongly suggest giving it a try.

Yeah that’s my main gripe with the genre - If you show anyone something like say antimatter dimensions without any other incremental game exposure, they’ll be quite a fair bit confused/have a bad impression of it.

It’s an extremely niche genre, sadly

bumping this topic, @Ivniinvi has played like half the games on this list yet still hasn’t posted an update or his opinion on any, so this is officially a callout post

Consider me called out.

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After playing Your Chronicle a fair bit more (one of the three on the list i gave that i hadn’t played that much), i have to say it is absolutely fucking fantastic although it has a rather slow start. Give it a try till you reach the academy - then you’ll know if you like it or not.

It legitimately feels like a fantasy adventure, and i love it.

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