In order to promote inclusivity and defeat toxicity, LRP is being removed

In addition certain harmful facets of the game including parts of chat have been removed. A detailed list may be found here.

For a summary, refer to the following list:

  • Mime has been removed as it protrays the mute in a negative light

  • Certain toxic words, like “based” “cringe” and “bruh” have been removed to protect the fragile

  • Gendered words such as “male” and “female” have been removed, as, since I don’t experience gender, nobody else does either and anyone claiming is clearly a bigot

  • Women have been removed as it protrays them in a negative light

  • Conflict, both IC and OOC is now a permabannable offence/offense to protect people from being triggered.

  • Several locations, such as the dorms, have been labeled safe spaces, and entering them without permission and kindness from/towards everyone inside is a bannable offense.

  • Disposals and all the trash cans have been removed as everything and everyone are beutiful and trash hurts the planet.

  • Making any religion as chaplain that is toxic to women or minorities or believes itself to be the only true religion are now bannable. Yes this includes the one you’re thinking of because we aren’t hypocrites.

  • Talking about harmful events, such as the political turmoil that occurred between the Spring and Fall of 2020, or spreading harmful misinformation (both about the server itself or otherwise) is an instantly permabannable offence/offense

  • Sexual content is no longer banned as all ways are beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




all ways are beautiful you fucking bigot how dare you have an opinion that isn’t mine, banned


Finally bee can be friendly and welcoming to all


Hol’ up.

Wait a minute.

This better be a joke or I will have a fucking stroke.

It’s not a joke, it’s the changelog


wut, do I need to re-peal my sage ban ? D: oh noes

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Clicked this thinking the clickbait topic is gonna open up but instead it’s maggots unfunny topic :rage:


Finally maggot found the funny


when you get mad that you didn’t get clickbaited but instead got clickbaited

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well fiddle dee dee this could prove to be unpopular buckaroo you know it could really sour someone’s ice cream you know it could really scramble someone’s fried egg you know it could really be like a bee in a bonnet you know


Local mentor tries to delete the last LRP server on space station 13.

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Have you forgot about the 3 /tg/ LRP servers?

Damn they only have 3?

I honestly thought they had more.

Ah yes maggot isn’t funny who could have guessed


It’s MRP.


Its not

It’s not.


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IMO, leave women in, but make them invulnerable/perma hulk. Hurting them or trying to attack them makes you permabanned.

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also age limit is gone because age is just a number and everyone claiming otherwise is a white straight nazi bigot male

Edit: Forgot to mention that sec should also be removed because THEY ARE EVIL RACISTISTS