In game behaviors

This has been the official reminder that Nanotrasen’s policy on Religious violence is that it is not tolerated and any violent acts perpetrated* by chaplins and religious persons MAY result in blacklisting of that religion and its practice on station.

(*certain circumstances, where in religious, so-called divine or otherwise provably supernatural threats are present will often over-rule this section of policy)

Imhot no!!! (Daniel cola here)

Can fully agree

I don’t even know why that’s allowed, like that’s so completely unbelievable that any company would hire someone like that

“Shoot first, talk never” security officers.


When someone approaches my hydroponical autism fortress and requests a plant, chem, or product right away, or just stands around waiting for it. Especially when it’s something not vital to life or station operation, like the chaplain wants wood floors. There is literally no way to bypass maturation time.
Especially when it’s shift start and we’re working on setting up earthblood for our trays, and have default parts in all our machines

Boo fucking hoo, somebody asked you to do something other than see a number go higher, too bad


No need to be mean here

Edit: wait was thisba reply to someone or your personal complaint

It’s specifically the rush part and the standing around waiting part that bother me.

Chaplins that exist to be nothing but a burden for the crew

Nah they exist to Kick Nar’siean, Ratvarian and heretic ass while/or making the clown and mime look uncivilized as RP roles. and to give SEC a heart attack when they see them walking around with a chainsaw arm or sword in hand.

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I’m talking about the chaplins that actively self antag (most of them) and sacrifice the stations pets

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One time instead of me rolling chaplin we got, a literal nar nar fanboy who proceeded to get willingly converted into a cult (We still won the round god I killed so many cultists as bartender)

Oooooh, those fucks yeah.
you’d think having the role of a religious councillor selected would mean they’ve got an ounce of chill or discipline.

Also I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules or at least the lore for the chaplin to be a Nar’sien or Ratvarian.

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Me and sin-Clair are the only chaplins who actually help people instead of being sect friends

Most of the time you can tell if it’s a shitlin or not by the null rod/armaments they pick. If they pick fallowers of the chaplin 9/10 times it’s a shitlin.

Borgs who go out their way to steal antags to heal and release instead of healing them in the brig like a sane being.


So doing science I notice people love to try to jump the counter (get called an ass for closing it on them when they do or they finally use their words to ask), people spamming door or trying to follow me in through the airlock, walk into RnD room and spam research (mostly sec officer or random chemist or geneticist who got in) clowns/mimes will run xenobio, an engineer going skitzo about nanites and repeatedly tried to destroy the nanite cloud instead of just having their nanites removed, people will point at you 20 time and say one word sentences


15 character minimum

They are mechanically unable to be converted to either