In game behaviors

Am bored and curious:

Whats an in game behavior you see commonly, either from multiple people or repeatdely from one person, that just really gets on your nerves. It can be because its against the rules, annoys you, or you think its poor RP etc, just curious.

Do not go naming names, im not looking to cause arguments just curious what behaviors drive people up a wall.


For me it’s when people rush into departments they don’t belong in and do the jobs of the people there (assuming that department is properly staffed, i understand if theres one or no medical and someone helps out)


clown and mime shoe thieves.

you petty bastards, there are SO many hats to throw everywhere, and you aim for my foams.


personally I dislike the validhunty heads of staff that immediately boast about any antagonists they just brought down on common with their loud voice headset so that everybody knows they did it


All the crew that wordlessly walk through the hallway. They’re too fast to interact with which doesn’t matter since they don’t want to talk.


that do be the case, doesn’t TG actually force walking these days with stamina?

I don’t really believe that TG does this however I have seen some HRP server have a feature like that.
TG might have running be slower than Bee but I can not confirm that.

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the 80 moths that rp like they’re from redditdotcom/r/wholesomememes


Explain this please, i don’t use reddit, or really anything outside this and discord haha

they’re cute I dont see anything else wrong with them

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When you’re playing clown, people just randomly waddle up to you and start pointing (like a chimp) or just say “clown”, and they honestly just expect you to deal with whatever dumb shit they’re doing. Hard no, i just RP that i’m getting a phone call.




When people walk up to a door and wordlessly spam click it 50 times wanting to be let in, use your words


“Shoot first, talk never” antags.


don’t worry i’m only slightly xenophobic towards moths

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All silicon not being xenophobic based on the Asimov law and generally not speaking like or acting like a robot.


The thing I dislike the most is traitors being borged then continuing to act in bad faith or outright ignore the laws. I’d rather have them just go DNR then have them continue on acting in such a way.

So I accidentally steal shoes from critted/stam critted guys

How do you accidentally steal shoes?

Well most of the time, I am aiming at FEET.
So when I try to fireman grab someone,
I casually take off their shoes,
It takes me a moment to realise that their shoes are in my hand so we are now in a staring duel where it almost always results in the shoes going in my satchel.
The person is usually not aware I stole his shoes so unless I tell them.

When this happens, I just think of a scene from a slapstick cartoon where my char tries to pull someone by their shoes, and the shoes pop out their feet resulting in my dumbass falling down with shoes in hand


Fair enough, aiming for the legs suddenly activating a quick shoe steal function is Kind of annoying to me but there ARE un-funny clowns/mimes out there who’ll just walk up beside you while you’re talking with someone in the hallway and just wordlessly yoink your shoes.

Or worse they’ll actively intrude, wall shove you and then do the quick shoe yoink.


Well at least it isnt as bad as non antag chaplain starting a cult, then saying death to all non believers resulting in “converted” crew attacking “non believers”, this was years ago and has been tamed down but it always resulted in me being overall suspicious of any recruitments, chaplain or not, because it only takes on dumbass to start a war with this cult.