Improvised weapons suggestions

Bat with nails: 1 baseball bat + 10 iron rods

Barbed wire: 30 cable coil 5 iron rods 5 glass shards: Can be applied on floor to slow movement and inflict slow bleeding and damage, or wrapped around a blunt, normal to bulky sized item to inflict more damage

Makeshift bow: 3 wooden plants, 15 cable coil

Makeshift arrow: Iron rod + Welder

being shot by this bow and arrow inflicts 20 damage, causes bleeding,and embeds itself, inflicting even more damage, takes 4 seconds to remove.

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Do we have poleaxe? Improvised spear + axe

Improvised yo-yo

10 string + 5 wood

Acts as a shitty whip, maybe does 5 stam damage on hit