Improving hacking

Currently the way hacking works people test the wires on a public door to learn the power and bolt doors.the issue with this is knowing the power wire essentially gives the player a skeleton key and allows them in and out of every door if needed.

naturally this encourages a undesired greytide behavior and causes many people to fight over insulated gloves just to make this process easier.

on the station there is a single door that requires more effort to open and that is the vault

what i suggest to both discourage hacking when not needed and make the process more involved is to change what the wires do dependent on the door type you are hacking.
its a simple change that i believe will make the entire experience more involved and requires you to alteast note down the colors for certain doors

Public door
green wire = power
brown wire = bolts

Command door
blue wire = power
yellow wire = bolts

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no lol
bottom text re


but make mechs hackable? :flushed:


great input :slight_smile:

20 character

id like that yes.
still i dont like how easy it is to just hack through everything.
atleast give command doors metal covers at the start

i can agree with that cuz me no like when pvpmaster69xd gets caps id on 10pop lrp round and admins dont answer my prayers to get ebic loot :pensive:

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i too wish for ebic loot but all i get is admins reviving my dogs

Make it so you can hack CLUN
activate clun
:clown_face:'s world

To get a change like this you’ll have to go directly to a coder, get it coded, and convince crossed itll stop people from saying the n word so he merges it without a vote


yeah it makes sense to make it this way but people will go crazy becuase they love the tide