Imhotep richb lood / player input

-15 fuck you faggot lizard, eat my cock and ball

I think I often see you as hop / captain
I do not remember good things about you.

One of the very few good sec players, based af.

Preferred Cap / Sec. Always say bruh!!! or cringe!!! at you, and still think the spam is funny for the fiftieth time

it’s still pretty funny

you main ligger, what more can be said

Sometimes AI, but still a ligger…

Bad at silicon policy but otherwise an amazing player. I look forward to your shenanigans every time I see you in a round

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based ligger.

What else do i need to say, honk.

woah mama… who is this person… why is he so hot…

2 02020. DFAFD, GH. Body seems unclear

you voted yes for golden speed change very unbased -100 delete your account :slight_smile:


woah… who is this man… why are his shoes so fast…

The only lizard I actually respect, please don’t tell my parents :frowning:

Hes afraid of medical borgs due to ingame trauma.

One time I was incursion with him and he was a miner. He said he was gonna go kill ash drake and then he FUCKING DIED.

0/10 Very uncool and unbased smh smh smh smh :pensive:

In all seriousness not a bad player and a pretty chill guy. Never had any legitimate issues with him.

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Very cool dude, great in the variety of roles I usually interact with him including sec, cap and AI. Prone to killing himself whenever anything happens but that’s lizards for you.

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Can confirm very suicidal lizard