Imhotep brother jeff mentor application

Your CKEY: brother_jeff

Your Discord: dhhrrnng#9591

How long have you been playing ss13?: started playing around 5-4 months ago

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: the boys

Game Experience (More Detailed):
as command i know almost everything there is to be a head of staff, (e.x how to push the button that makes shuttle come faster, and to make sure your department isn’t fucking over the station if they ask
what to do as one.)

as sec, i know the important shit about space law, so I can answer questions that refer to that, like if the clown is lubing the halls or something, or some comedian keeps bolting/shocking/walling off sec on what to do with them.

as medical i’m pretty robust. like knowing how to turn the showers into ghetto cyro tubes when they go down, how to repair cloning when it eventually gets blown up and/or emagged, or consulting chemists on wether mannitol would be effective on somebody who has brain damage or telling them to make somebody do surgery.

In science i’m familliar with mostly R&D and robotics, I’ve never done nanites or toxins due to fear of accidentally blowing the station up.

I only know the basics in engineering and atmos sadly, I know how to do construction basic construction, repairs, how to plasmaflood, but not stuff like setting up the SM and repressurizing rooms.

I know the shit in the service department, like how to make cool foods/drinks as bartender or chef, how to properly space explore, how to get lube, how to get more meat, where the janny gear is, all that shit.

In cargo, very robust, i know how to make engines in cargo, when to use the regular supply consle vs the express one, how to open locked crates that I don’t have access to, wether QM is a real head, and how to do bounites and how to actually get money from them.

i have robust experience with the silicons, like knowing how to plasmaflood as AI, what all the 10 buttons on the bottom do, and issues with laws and loopholes.

i’m bad at making applications but i tried my best

being a HoS/Cap main is very cringe but he’s robust and knows shid so yea make him a mini jannie

ok so basically i’m jannie

+1 belongs in the mentor team 500%

+1 from the times I’ve seen him as a medical job he’s extremely competent

I have a single question to help expand your knowledge of Atmospherics and Medical. Answer it as good as you can - if its good I’ll give you a +2, and if its decent I’ll give a +1 and explain what you could do.

A plasmaman bro dies and you are an Atmospheric Technician. You want to clone him, but there’s no showers on the station anymore since somebody hated the showers. How do you go about cloning him, assuming you cannot gain access to any showers?

When the plasma bro is cloning, I take out his plasma internals tank and envirosuit from his corpse and put it infront of the cloning pod, put his now burning body in a body bag, then while I’m waiting, I’ll grab some of those suffocation pills from the oxygen deprivation kit in medbay. When he emerges from the cloner, I shake him up and spam the shit out of a fire extinguisher on him while he puts his gear on, and force feed him the suffo healing pills.

Assuming it’s fine to say this now that he’s already responded and I want to look more robust for my own mentor app henk. I think he wanted you to flood a single room with exclusively blasma and no oxygen (Room can’t ignite if it’s blasma without oxygen) and move the cloner there to safely clone the blasmeme without risk of him igniting.

I agree that that was the answer lago was looking for, but lets be honest. Why in gods name would you go through all that trouble when a fire ext and some pills would work?

I mean yeah if some based madman created a 100% plasma cloning room I would instead just throw the plasmeme in there and go on with my day

both of those work, thinking on how to do it is the most important part

you can use advanced fire extinguishers or anything as long as it works


dude literally just get them a fucking fire extinguisher, the plasmaman in this equation has been through this situation thousands of times before

+2 For a good answer

Gonna accept this one after 5 days.