Imagine creating forum account just to appeal your security job ban


**Admin’s CKEY:**archanial

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Job ban.

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: It’s a job ban.

Ban Length: 3 days.

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**11/14/2020

Round ID: 23911

Ban Reason: Cremated newly elected “President Captain”, who was approved and promoted by the actual captain.

Appeal Reason: So. Alright, people, it’s me with a fresh and new created account just to appeal a security ban. Imagine caring about security job, oh my. So, here is the story of mine. I am a head of security. What a good start. Round start is slow and calm, all heads had a meeting at the bridge, captain told us some stuff over there, it was alright. Captain wanted very calm shift, thats what I promised them to have. Or, at least, in the best of my abilities. Then I asked captain about possible traitorious activity and actions towards it. Long story short: captain gave me the authorisation to ALL executions. What a great shift start. After that stuff decided to downgrade as fast as it can. We caught one traitor, second traitor started to breach the armoury some time after. I was killed, brought back to life, we had a chase for that person, who killed me. I had no time looking at anything else, because we had an incursion team on the loose. Security was in a big chase. Captain came few times to brig, announcing, that he asked CC for a ling sniffing team. Ive noticed few more clowns with mindshield, that information made it clear. Weve managed to get chemist, who was the part of the incursion team, but we still had at least two people, who we had yet to catch. Suddenly I hear, that captain’s AA was stolen by someone. Yeah, alright, thought I, what can even happen with that. Well, it happened, because it could happen. Some time after the message about stolen AA, Ive stumbled upon four or so people at arrivals nearby ID console. I technically couldnt handle that AA trash at that moment, so I told them, that I dont care about their AA, just dont come into security department. I saw Captain in the permabrig, Captain told me, that he is not captain anymore. Alright, thought I, its a Chain of Command subversion. After some time CMO found me and told me, that they promoted someone to a new HoS. I saw a fake hos, arrested them, moving the false HoS to the Brig, telling him, that I am about to execute him. Because its Mutiny. I dragged him all the way to perma and checked the backpack of the false HoS. All stuff, that he had was just a full set of chameleon gear, which that killed member of the syndicate incursion had on him. So, he didnt steal anything from security, he didnt break the rule about not entering security, I was about to let him go. Mike Rich decided to rush the brig, shoved one of the officers. I saw him giving out all access earlier on, assault of the officer was the last straw in his sentence. I mean, come on, man, he heard about the ONLY rule about AA. Not Entering Security. He even agreed with it. I killed him. He incited mutiny with these AA cards, at least he could follow the only rule. Let that guy with chameleon kit out, taking his ID with HoS access. I dragged the body of Mike out of sec, Garret Kelley tried to get the body from me, I ran away, stripping Mike, because I decided to check his stuff and get rid of the AA card. Garret chased me all the way to chapel, I stunned them and destroyed the body of Mike. Why did I do that? Because he was the beggining of that “election of the new command” thing. And the penatly for the mutiny is death. And I had authorisation to execute from the real shift-start captain. Was I paying much attention to the chat? Only to red and sometimes to yellow chat, because we had an alive incursion team. Most of the time my eyes were on the crew monitor, because we still had a chase going, I was looking at the people’s HP. And nearly all quotes in the chat werent visible to me. But all that Mutiny, subversion of the real chain of command, his decision to break into security, violating only ONE rule that I gave about AA cards werent enough to administer a crematorium session. They would have cloned that person, if I hadnt cremated them, because his new “elected command staff” was looking for their dead “president”. There was a paper with the sign of the real captain, which was shown to me only after I cremated that rioter. I had NO idea about it, from my perspective all of that trash was a mutiny towards real Chain of Command.

Additional Information: Yeah, man, very funny accusing security in being a bad trash, when they are busy dealing with the real deadly trash on the loose. Got All Access? Keep it to yourself or at least try to show the paper with Captain’s approval to security before giving it out.


Read the whole post, please.

i read it nvm 20 characters

Then you should’ve investigated it. You also cremated objects like budget card, which shows you didn’t even bother searching him.

Cremating is not a normal execution and you cremated captain - you mutinied.

I am not lifting that, cremation over conflict of interests should not be tolerated.

We had a real deadly threat running around, I had no time trying to gather any information about it. They were interested in being legally processed more than I was. It just a matter of 2 minutes to find HoS, show them the paper until they acknowledged it and then do whatever you want with that. To my view he wasnt a captain, he was an assistant. Who gave out AA. As assistant.
Of course I didnt check all of his staff, his newly hired “heads” were running towards chapel.

this captain sounds dumb as hell. but the reasoning for cremating this guy is a little lost on me. was he really hindering ur ability to go after that “real deadly trash”? i’m … have no idea … but also it doesn’t really seem like it

Yes. I made the whole " NO ENTERING SEC" rule to avoid incursion members to help each other. He was giving out AA, we had incursion team, all incursion members have a very strong ability: communication without alerting anyone. It means, that you wont hear any whispering, if they use the radio nearby you. More AA = the higher the chance of sudden incursion help. Security wing was somewhat secure, my plan was to check all suspects at the security wing. And if someone with that sudden AA enters sec out of the blue, it can actually be an attempt of securing their incursion buddy.

This whole round should be looked up, not just this incident. Who even authorised these free elections? It wasn’t from command, there wasn’t any message from centcom, just greytiders decided to pda everyone that they are planing to do that from roundstart. This isn’t free country to have democracy running, this is space station which belongs to corporation and corporation appoints captain. These people shouting for election were nothing, but just greytiders, who wanted to have their own revolution from roundstart. This mutiny shouldn’t happen on mrp without reason and these mutineers should be punished instead of command or security who tried to stop it. I really want to see how many people actually voted.

Also, captain after election had 2 choices: fight against this “democratic” election and end up killed/lynched by greytiders or pussy out. He chose latter one, because he would end up being dead in other case.

So later in the round, “president” decided to replace whole command with assistants. Of course Hos and security had to do stop this illegitimate goverment, which was approved by captain who was “held at gunpoint”. (I was cmo)

I must agree with him. While i was not as involved in the whole election and fighting I still was able to observe it (was a security officer). These elections had no real “basis” in RP tearms. No approval was given my CentCom or anything. While I have heard that a head might be supporting it, it still wouldn’t work like that. Even if the captain really did want this subversion of chain of command he could have asked CentCom. I see no reason why he would allow to put himself into such possition unless he wanted to resign in which case he could have cryo’d.

The “Party” that won this “vote” then proceeded to switch out the heads. They tried to replace the HOS with an assisstant. Democracy here or there but that ain’t gonna slide. Also these “heads” were not even heads but only tiders with AA.

And if I remeber correctly, subversion of chain of command is one of the highest crimes meaning execution is permitted(if allowed by the cap but… I think you understand the situation ) “Technicly” HOS was the “acting captain”.

HOS cucks an illegitimate voting and does his job (while still in a makeshift way) Everything should have been shut down at the start or better organized.

Correct me if i am wrong somewhere. Like i said i haven’t experienced everything first hand.
(small edit to make it more readable)


The voting was legitimate since captain promoted the assistant to “President” captain and resigned.
If you want to point out crimes from space law - hos subverted CoC and killed captain.

You cant just give AA to someone and call them a Captain. Captain ignored proper chain of command, that assistant wasnt a proper captain.

This isn’t about captain, this is about you murdering appointed acting captain and then cremating him.

Which would still be ok to do, since that captain was the rev head, not the actual captain the HoS is loyal to.

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Leo Brinigh here, I held the elections and will provide a backstory for this appeal in this rather lengthy, albeit needed, post. I also took some extra care to document the election shenanigans with occasional screenshots. Brace for the wall of somewhat nicely formatted text.


Imho replacing the captain was a joke that went too far, but cap approved of the swap despite suffering from severe depression by that point - cremating the new captain that was appointed by the old one and widely accepted was too much though.
From what I know CentComm noticed the elections and did not take any actions to interrupt them as the CC-sent clowns also took part in the voting procedure.

Election organisation and goals

Entire elections were meant to be a joke from the start since there wasn’t even a set goal of what the elections were for - I was just a lawyer and had no means of providing any sort of reward for the winner except for an ‘x wins’ on comms.

Elections were held with the help of HoP S.W.I.N.S.T.O.N, who gave me access to his office (but nothing more) in order to have a safe place to gather applications, votes, and generally to do paperwork without being bombed.

As time progressed captain became much more aggressive in regard to the elections procedure but eventually gave in.

Timeline of the events

  • I receive HoP office access and start preparing the application forms

  • HoP gets shanked by antags to never be seen again in the round

  • I continue on organising the elections, grab HoP’s spare headset and hat for loud voice and looks

  • As paperwork gets finished, first announcement to start applying begins and I get 4 candidates in total: Mike Rich - assistant, Pablo Tajanub - cook, Andrew Cressman - chaplain, Brendan Snyder - sec officer

  • Captain interrupts me in HoP office to stop, I don’t have anything else to do, so I conclude the applications and register candidates for later handling of voting paperwork

  • Captain interrupts me again, this time with security and lethal force, instead of shooting me though he lethals a sec officer standing in front of him, I get demoted from HoP (who I’ve never been) and a new HoP gets appointed - Penwin, assistant

  • New HoP also approves of the elections, although in secrecy, I get the votes prepared and receive bridge access to be able to work in arrivals office

  • Votes get finished and copied - here’s an example vote taken from the ballot box folder
    Voting form

  • Voting begins, crew assembles to vote, 11 votes are cast in total, some by CC clowns, one by a sec officer. People casting votes make baseball bats, but nobody really gets attacked from my point of view. From my point of view at the time, security approved of the idea as warden paid a visit and a sec officer was a candidate. Blood from greyshirts brawling. Sec didn’t attempt to stop the elections from taking place at any point during voting and counting votes.

  • Vote concludes without any major issues. Mike Rich wins the elections. Note that the only thing he receives from me is congratulations on winning the vote.

  • Since elections are now over my role in the events shifts from organising everything to observing and trying to prevent an all out civil war from happening

  • Later on there’s some celebrating going on and Mike gets ID access somehow - he appointed his own heads later on

  • Mike starts calling himself the captain, I ask him to come to bridge in order to settle the whole situation peacefully, turns up with the new HoP and some assistants with baseballs. On picture from left: Unknown, looks like a scientist/RD, New HoP, Unknown assistant, Also unknown assistant, me, Mike

  • After succumbing to depression the captain confirms that Mike is in fact, the new captain, and chooses a peaceful life of shagged mental health in perma (nobody proposed that actually)

  • Celebrations take place

  • I try to endorse Mike as the new, now official captain and try to prevent a civil war

  • Mike starts appointing new heads, it gets the HoS angry and (from my point of view) he lasers Mike to death, snatches him from a crowd taking him to medbay and then cremates him

  • I try to get the captain to get a written ownership transfer to try to avoid unnecessary slaughtering of voters

  • I show HoS the paper and I think he stops attacking after that, though it’s a bit too late for the dusted Mike to do anything

  • I don’t think the voters or new heads attacked or retaliated against sec department at any point of time, but I didn’t see everything to say that with certainty

  • New HoP becomes the acting cap and the shuttle is called, nothing interesting happens after that


Local lawyer’s gimmick paperwork causes two mutinies in under one shift
Edited to correct some information


Kind of iffy when reading this.
Can a head do mutiny if a captain he was not loyal to from the start demoted him?
Still pretty stupid for cremating him, but I find this a valid question.
I now lean more towards the ban though after reading this.

I wasnt in that celebration or whatever. I had no idea about that, because I wasnt paying attention to the green chat, as I said already. Yes, I stopped being aggressive towards the rioters after that paper, but before that paper I had no real confirmation of the legality of all of that stuff. There were assistants with all access, fake heads trying to replace normals heads of staff. Thats what I saw. It increased problem status because of the incursion with hidden communication on board. Mike entered security, violating only law with AA that I pointed out at that arrivals checkpoint.


I think your mutiny against Mike was fully warranted, but just cremating him without explanations and contacting the old captain was too much as it permanently removed him from the round - even if he was just dumped somewhere in perma or hanged the body would be recoverable and bwoinks could be avoided, maybe with a final court case in the end.

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I am not sure, that cremating body was an awful move, he had quite a few people on his side, all of them were assistants with all access cards. If I hadnt cremated him he would have been cloned no matter what. And after that there would be a real war between greytide and Heads/Security( or maybe only me, but that round had a nice security team with competent heads of staff, so I am not sure) , because he could just hire new people and buy guns from cargo to demolish whatever he wants to.


I hate when security doesn’t give me a chance to explain myself, but greytiders reviving him and and starting a war does sound like a valid concern with an incursion team.