I'm not particularly sure where to post this topic or who to contact regarding it

My former discord account was banned, this has lead to me not being able to identify my Byond account thing with the beestation server as I assume it’s already linked with my previous account.

If anyone would be able to contact me regarding this with a solution it would be much appreciated, thank you very much.

Banned by… Discord or Bee staff?

If by Bee staff you should make a discord ban appeal.

If banned by discord you have to talk to @Crossedfall directly more or less.

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yeah this was a discord ban, shall I contact Crossedfall through this website or through Discord?

Through discord is likely to be more expedient.

If it isn’t, the @ I already did will get his attention here.

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Cheers a bunch big guy, I’ll see if I can find his Discord and if not I’ll await a reply here

His discord is the same as here

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You gotta tell me how you managed to pull of that stunt. What does it take to be banned from discord?

A few friends of mine (at least four) got banned off of discord.
One of them was because they got super salty and insulted a guy super hard and told them Keep Yourself Safe, abbreviated. Discord didn’t really like it

I’ve also seen people get beaned through guilt by association, like being in a server that gets deleted for whatever reason and their account ends up getting slashed regardless of activity there

Really, it’s a very fickle thing, discord is wild sometimes and you’ll just get yeeted out for minor shit - yet theres much more egregious fucked bullshit on their platform that they just don’t monitor or care about


I suppose you must be reported by someone for that to happen. Because I’ve said worse things among friends and nothing ever happened!


Yes, you do have to be reported, but discord does take those reports pretty seriously. You also need message IDs in most cases because they don’t seem to respond to reports without them.

Say you made an alt to infiltrate some less than savory discord servers used by ban evaders and griefers and they still like throwing the N-word around, you could then gather evidence with message IDs to form multiple reports and have not only the whole server, but also everyone who actively took part banned in order to disrupt their organization.

Definitely not speaking from experience.


Where you the N-word thrower or the mole?!?

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Neither, I said I was definitely not speaking from experience!

Never been on either side of that before, nope.


I’ll cease sending you messages filled with racial epithets just in case.

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me, who rarely uses discord: well this is all quite quaint.

Good to know I don’t miss out on much when I’m mostly on here on my console.

Send me a dm on discord or here with your ckey.

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