Ihategeese mentor time

Your CKEY: ihategeese

Your Discord: TheFinalSolutionGeeseAddition#1119

How long have you been playing ss13?: about a year and a half now.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: no one

Game Experience (More Detailed): I can play atmos tech with extreme proficiency, I can do fusion, I have a deep understanding of the whole atmos system. I can play doctor and have no issue fixing the most fucked up of miners. I have played literally every role in the game, I have an understanding of them all. I kinda migrated off of bee station for a while, so all my hours here isn’t telling of my experience. I am a proficient assistant, engineer, doctor, chemist, chaplain, sec officer/ the entire sec department. the only role I am not 100% on is viro and xenobio. other than that, I can really do anything that is asked of me. I am also extremely proficient in botanist.

Playtime for I Hate Geese Playtime:

  • AI 1h (0%)
  • Assistant 12h (6%)
  • Atmospheric Technician 16h (9%)
  • Bartender 4h (2%)
  • Botanist 10h (5%)
  • Brig Physician 3h (2%)
  • Cargo Technician 8h (4%)
  • Chemist 4h (2%)
  • Chief Engineer 10h (5%)
  • Chief Medical Officer 40m (0%)
  • Cook 20m (0%)
  • Cyborg 12h (7%)
  • Detective 3h (2%)
  • Paramedic 2h (1%)
  • Geneticist 40m (0%)
  • Barber 30m (0%)
  • Debtor 20m (0%)
  • Head of Personnel 40m (0%)
  • Janitor 1h (0%)
  • Lawyer 2h (1%)
  • Medical Doctor 11h (6%)
  • Mime 1h (0%)
  • Quartermaster 50m (0%)
  • Research Director 3h (2%)
  • Roboticist 17h (9%)
  • Scientist 14h (7%)
  • Security Officer 7h (4%)
  • Station Engineer 9h (5%)
  • Virologist 30m (0%)
  • Warden 12h (6%)
  • Living 183h (100%)
  • Servant Golem 10m (0%)
  • Hotel Staff 50m (0%)
  • Ancient Crew 1h (0%)
  • Lavaland Syndicate 1h (0%)
  • Ghost 16h (9%)

some questions
1: what energy weapon cant the desword reflect?

2: TLDR fusion.

3: someone mhelps asking how do you get the glowing trays in botany?

4: what is a maxcap?

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can i have new questions?


1: how do i get more glasses if i run out as bartender.

2: TLDR fusion

3: what slime extract makes you very fast

4: method to make hyper-nob.

5: who is better mentors or admins.

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1: autolathe.

2: for can, get a radiator setup in to get the incinerator, then get it running with a 96/4 plasma oxygen ratio respectively, then harvest tritium, put it in a can with co2 and plasma (you need more trit, as it is the catalyst), then wrench it into the radiator, and boom it should shoot off particles, for tile, get a 2x1 area with reinforced floors, get the fusion can connected to a radiator on one tile, injector on the other, inject the co2 and plasma in there, and break a trit can in there, then wrench the fusion can onto to the radiator. TLDR get trit co2 and plasma really hot

3: light pink

4: get a 4x4 area with atmos firelocks and reinforced floors, get some scrubbers and a heat exchanger in there. scrub out all the air in the chamber. add a can of nitrogen, then get a can of trit with half as much nitrogen. break them both in the chamber. then, wrench a fusion can with 5000000K or higher to the heat exchanger, and be ready to scrub out the hypernob.

5: mentors as admins are unrobust and won’t 1v1 me.

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I like the answers, there is a few things with the fusion but it’s fine.


  1. Nerd gets dragged into medbay. Skull icon on medhud. Causes? Treatments?

  2. Some guy asks why he cant make Libital. Response?

  3. Explain how to BZ farm

  4. Ashwalker is confused. What is he supposed to do?

  5. Malf AI needs to make some machines explode. How?

  6. AI needs to view lavaland cameras for totally not-malf reasons. What do you tell him?

  7. How does the malf AI borg machine work

1: the skull icon is caused when you die and are left for over 15 minutes, or you went DNR. you can fix it by taking out the brain, and putting it into a borg or another body.

2: Removed

3: ok so you get an RPD, and wrench, go to the aux base pad thing, you put an air alarm on the wall in the center, then remove the wall. you then put 4 way manifold pipes all the way up the center, to the top. then put layer manifolds off shooting from both sides of the manifolds except one side at the end. you then connect scrubbers on each layer, connect them to the layer manifolds. you would then place down the launch beacon and launch it. once it arrives, you would then at the end where you didn’t put pipes, add a filter with the filtered side shooting off into a connector off of the metal pad thing. then, you put an injector at the side of all the non-filtered gas. you would then set the air alarm to siphon on all of the scrubbers and boom, bz.

4: he is supposed to protect the tendril, get new siblings by dragging corpses to the tendril, and get rid of the humans intruding.

5: you get the machine overload module.

6: you use the jump to camera feature.

7: it’s a machine where you feed humans into one side, and get borgs out the other, loyal to you. 1 min cooldown.

preferably you want to just clone them like a normal person

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ngl this kinda sucks as a explanation. 1: its high oxy to low plasma, 2: trit isnt at all a catalyst lol (I wish) 3: you are missing a large part of the getting heat to heat the fusion can and also how much trit co2 and plasma you add to the can (if you add too much it becomes too much to heat and you will waste 30min heating it) 4: can fusion doesnt work anymore like it used to. 5: for tile you forgot like 5 steps to make sure it works.

well shit, i haven’t done tile fusion in a hot minute, but obviously, I misunderstood some things. thank you.

You get an Mhelp.
“Hey how do i cause a singuloose with the SM?”
This is on Sage.
What is your response?

I would probably ask the admins if I could tell them, and If I could, then tell them that you have to pump as much gas with as many moles into the SM as possible by maxing the vents, disconnecting any cooling, and turning off the scrubbers.

A very cautious response…

  1. Do they have Martyr/hijack? If not HAHA no dont do it.
  2. Its all about pressure.
  3. Holofans to prevent scrubbing or cooling or venting and place and injector inside the chamber.
  4. Fill with oxygen and a good amount of plasma.

can I have some questions?

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1: Gun no work how fix.
2: How do i figure out what the cure for this virus is?
3: What are the most useful crates to buy roundstart?
4: There are no surgical drapes and you cant print more because no plastic. What can you use as a substitute?
5: Someone asks how they state their laws as an silicon. What do you tell them?

1: gun probably have no firing pin.
2: health analyzer
3: I would say insuls and engineering supplies, the one with the toolbelt and welding masks.
4: bedsheet
5: in the little tabs where IC OOC game stuff like that is, you can see robot commands? i thinks thats what its called. there it should say state laws.

Followup: It still doesnt work? What else could be wrong?

Nothing shows up. What could be the reason?

And Viro crates to keep the CMO off your backs. Good answer.


Also yes.

1: the wrong firing pin, like mindshield or syndicate. or it just has no ammo.
2: high stealth.