If you're antag you should be able to pray for more stuff and the gods can give you objectives

Like “sacrifice 3 people to me and you shall have the DE sword you seek” or something

Its a bit of a hassle for the admins and even if they are willing to do it people might cry that its a meta gang. Small shits and giggles, tc trading, and what not? Thats fine. But pretty much laying admins as some sort of game master for the antagonist? Not a very good idea

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If u have a based admin u can emag the comms console and ask syndie for more objectives

You can, though? Admins can alter or add objectives. It’s just a matter of finding an admin willing to take the time to do so.

admins can also add more TC to your uplink remotely

Just pray and you get something if you did epic, like the time I gave felinid virus to cat traitor :sunglasses:

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Or be gibbed because we feel cute rn.


If you want more traitor objectives or something to that nature, sending a message to the syndicate by emaging comms console is more likely to get a response then just a pray.


Buy the contractor kit.


There is like a 5% chance of someone getting contractor kit and actually finishing a contract. It’s extremely easy to get caught and half the time delivery is brig.


Heh. You think that’s bad? Try pawning the Captain in Central Primary Hallway.


For two tc with lings also present


Praying is not a line to the syndicate, it’s a way to ask for assistance from a higher being that may or may not smite care.

However, I’ve wanted for antags to start with a way to contact the syndicate without an emag, still requiring access to a communications console. Emag console for quick access should remain, but the ability to manually hack comms for syndicate communications should be an intrinsic ability for their agents.

We would get much better interactions that way without forcing them to own extremely incriminating evidence.

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communications console

I mean yea, but that requires you to

  • emag into bridge
  • have captain level access to open the console
  • send a message and never hear back cause mods dont care
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Tech storage has a board too. I’m talking about a way to hack it without an emag anyway.

You can’t emag access into a comms console.

And I’m not sure that can be done, given you need an emag to change the comms frequency.

No, it can’t be done currently… That’s the problem. That’s why someone is suggesting prayers be used for this purpose.

Did you even read my post or just cherry pick something to be contrary to?

I meant to say syndies instead of traitors, but the opening line still stands.

No, it can’t be done currently…

Would be neat if you could multitool it, like you can do with the cargo console.

Bruh just slap a comms console with your uplink to trigger what is now triggered with an emag and itll be a-okay.