If you dont know circuits dont kill over them Xarnata Daemos] Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: [Xarnata Daemos] Player Report
   CKEY:kate bishop

   Your Discord:i forgot it

   Offender’s CKEY:unknown

   LRP or MRP server:mrp

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Xarnata Daemos

   Date (16-2-2020):

   Round Number:12585

   Rules Broken:self antaging and poor scalation

   Incident Description:i made a simple radio whit circuits as a test, simple enugth in copied what i said and pasted it in common when the reported player tries to disarm me screaming i was self antaging flashed me striped me of my gear and trowed me off then because he was very unrobust flashed him back and hit him 3 times in the head whit a toolbox for being a total asshole checked he wasnt in crit and got to my circuits again he repeated the offense and got flashed gain then  a trirth where he tried to kill me and winned in ooc when me and a golem robuted him back this happened one last time i critted him as usual and healed his sorry ass in medbay then headed to the scape suttle where he trowed several bluespace cristals at me until i got spaced.

   Additional Information:he claims the radio was like a syndie one when circuits can do soo much in my hands(i suck at them) it did not and was just a shitty radio that couldnt be turned off.

I will grab the logs for this sometime later today

Are you sure that this was on MRP?

Rounds 12584 and 12586 are on MRP.

My bad i didnt ser It jumps un pairs It was the round 12584

Ziagfu seems a little bit aggressive in RnD

The initial experimentation with circuits

The first scuffle

The valid salad continues

And a shuttle attack.
Important to note here, at this point in time, Kate was a cultist (I think).

No i was not a cultist

I saw some cult stuff in the logs, so just made an assumption.
Doesn’t matter either way, the initial incident started WAYY before the shuttle incident.

yep and the dude even cried in ooc several times and said that
“if you keep hitting me you will be permanently removed from the station”
making him unironically valid if i wanted

Player will be noted about this, and if their behavior of over-escalation continues in the future they will be banned.

note created.

God bless you
20 Char
Did you hear of his new Game called RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

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