If everyone was as robust as you, you would never win

Unrobust people make the game fun.


this opinion is suboptimal. i would KILL to play on a server where most people were robust. K I L L


On lrp the whole reason for having fun is the challenge and the improvement of powergaming. So skill doesn’t really matter, because at no point in time will there be a point where every single player reaches the perfect level of play.

On mrp you are not winning. There is not such a concept as a win. Yes, you do follow your goals but your main objective on mrp is the interesting rp, so whilst combat and all might be an important part, the people who actually create good enough of a gimmick others can cling on to are what makes the game fun.

And then there’s the secret third objective. Neither winning nor RP, but simply exploring game mechanics and experimenting. Testing hypotheses, coming up with personal projects.

This isn’t always a good thing, either. Somebody desperately wanting to experiment with virology mechanics or desperately hoping for an excuse to try out some combination of xenobio abilities can be way more harmful than someone who’s just a tiding fucknut with a spear and all access.

I think my favorite thing is just theorycrafting. Always has been. Not that actually trying things out and confirming isn’t fun, but it’s certainly more fun to talk about something like the idea of putting a bluespace bodybag within a bluespace bodybag so on and so forth than actually going through the mundanity of doing it.

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