If beestation is truly an RP server we should be getting rid of LRP harm mechanics

Its as easy as disabling harm intent.

The fact that crew has ability to harm each other offers no chance at creating interesting roleplay ever since it creates a toxic workplace environment and no real life human would ever harm another.

Until it is removed we should stop pretending to be an “RP” server.

In all seriousness
It’s 2022 and people are still falling for low quality baits posted by Wilchen
Seriously, they are doing it for more than 2 years already


The year is 2025. Beestation is now just a room, an assistant and one stunbaton.


I like that you didn’t want to shit up my topic where legitimate discussion is taking place so you made a new one, very considerate of you!

Honestly even if the thread is bait I agree cause cult and revs and etc as they are now they’re basically TDM gamemodes and ‘certain servers’ tend to have them disabled

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Man, things are bad if Wilchen’s bait are becoming legitimately valid arguments. :pensive:

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Those servers are cringe.
Rps flashing you cutely.

Go the other way, force only interactions to be harmful, cause anarchy, become one with the no rp gods


Everything does damage to someone in some way, hugging gives oyxgen damage. :clown_face:


‘certain server’ player detected, opinion discarded


But there aren’t any arguments, it’s just compilation of buzz words, saying remove half of game modes without any reasoning for it is not really useful. It was the others who actually provided some reasoning and arguments as they were talking

Even if they tried to make it as legit argument they still pointed out few specific modes that they deemed bad while ignoring other antags and destructive environmental hazards. I got a feeling it’s not about any valid reasoning but just ‘I don’t like it so remove it’ completely ignoring what those modes offer to other players, what type of interaction do they encourage, what even the fact that those modes are a possibility presents.
Yes, mere chance of that occurring provides an opportunity, as traitor or ling I have faked revolution multiple times with flashing, attacks on heads and graffiti…Just look at blood brothers, before radio implant they had to figure out a way of safe communication, checking PDA logs was a thing that was actually done every now and then so security had something to do and antags could actually make their target look guilty by sending fake messages in their name. Nowdays it is almost impossible to pull it off since everybody subconsciously knows no antag ever needs to use PDA. We basically made a big chunk of tcomm related content irrelevant with small change and it now affects every type of round, removing multiple game modes would yield similar effects, just yesterday some traitor was using red hardsuit and for some reason people thought we were dealing with nukies, priority for command was to get into cap quarters and get that disk, that is not something that could happen if we don’t have nukies.

Why do I even bother, fact is those threads are just baits and spam. It would be probably ok if it was once in a while but @Wilchen seems to be obsessed with having his thread be shown in Latest tab. The thread I was mocking lost attention and dropped down the list so he came up with that admin backsitting, in few days it will be another random thing.
We managed to get rid of other spammers by not giving them attention, dont know why people still can’t see through Wilchen

Does it really come down to a choice between complete chaos of constant murderbone and being an actual corporate employee constantly monitored by all-seeing HR during the most mundane day and not getting paid for it?

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose…Bee


You’re welcome to revert it

thats a lotta words…
too bad im not reading them…

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