Idea on how to stop people from using inappropriate names on Sage

Change the Chrono Legionnaires role from saving the space time continuum to saving the fourth wall. If someone has a name that has slurs or it’s a pop culture reference (and the person isn’t a clown) the admin instead of bowinking them about it, they can just spawn the Chrono Legionnaire and give it the goal of wiping out that person.


I mean and should still probably bwoink them

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We could always just force random names and appearances to prevent both bad names and some instances of mild to extreme metafriending.

I jest

Got a point, I just want to see or have a chance to be a legionnaire. Saw it in the wiki a few days ago and it just seems like a cool, but slightly overpowered, role.

are you saying i cant name my wizard harry potter on mrp



my wiznerd round i get twice a year ruined

wizards get leniency so you can make references

Personally I’d be Hairy Pothead the Wizard XD
or Dumbledora the Explorer

This is fun but

You realize this is literally rewarding the person with the name right

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First of all, all the randomly generated names are downright awful.

Secondly, people can still circumvent randomly generated names, for example with roundstart appearance items.

The post you replied to is over a year old my dude.