Ice_Type Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Yorpan

Your Discord: N/A

Offender’s CKEY: Ice_Type

Offender’s In-Game Name: Gray Baki

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-09-18

Round Number: 45892

Rules Broken: 13 Antagonist conduct

Incident Description: Murdered a large portion of the crew as a space ninja, using some in-character excuse.

Additional Information: Murderboning with RP is still murderboning?

The ninja was literally offering people to a dual and was fighting people in a dual and was mostly acting in self defense and following antagonist escalation policy so thats no murderbone. At the start of the shift they were capturing people as per their objective, so not murderbone. After the HOP tried to maxcap them in their duel and failed, the ninja ordered the hacked AI to kill all of security which, I mean is arguable, but the killing was technically pretty low collateral since only security died in that process and that was after the crew litreally max-capped their own brig to try and stop the ninja.
I was security in that round and from what I saw, I didn’t see anyone get murderboned, even if the ninja was being cheeky with the duels and teleporting out whenever anyone got close to killing them and even after the AI came in and killed me and another security officer by venting the air from a closet room.

The whole point of antagonists is to talk with the crew and make IC events happen, which is exactly what they were doing. Out of all of the ninjas I have seen, this seemed like one of the better ones but maybe I missed a part where they went and started killing everyone in the hallways but from the rest of the round I think that is unlikely.


You were alive for the whole the round though, so I think you missed most of the egregious moments.

Did the ninja personally hacked the AI? if so makes me wonder what was their IC motivation to ruin their ‘‘duels’’ gimmick with one that would allow to easily take down security or anyone with the help of the AI so much for a honorable ninja doing a duel gimmick, there’s a point when certain players throw their gimmicks to go gaming, which you yourself said at the end.

I was using the AI to facilitate the duels. I told the AI to wipe out sec and command when they decided to attack the ai.


If my memory is correct, I was a service borg Cooking pizza. Anyway. The orders I got Was to Find People for the ninja to Duel.

Personally, I believe the Ninja Had a good dueling Gimmick going, I was Busy Making pizza Until The end with the last 2 duels. So, I can’t comment much on Their behavior

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I was actually the first to be ninjaed into the shadow realm (dojo). Since I couldn’t fight back due to pacifism even thought I had accepted a duel he sent me there to train and didn’t slay me then and there. Overall seems the chaos was contained to the dueling spots and parties!


The ninja had the OBJ to capture ten lifeforms:
It means the ninja will have to fight to capture them, critting then netting is a valid strat here.
According to logs, they mostly killed security and peoples hunting them, rest of the harm happened during their duels.
As much as I hate ninjas as a player, I can’t fault them here.
There was RP and the player was acting within the rules and their objs.
Report rejected.