Ice Type Player Report #2

In-game report:

CKEY: Ambiic

Your Discord: ambiic

Offender’s CKEY: Ice Type

Offender’s In-Game Name: Catherine Brown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 9th of August and other days.

Round Number: Multiple unknown round numbers.

Rules Broken: 7 Be Excellent to Each Other

Incident Description: This is a report of multiple rounds interacting with Catherine. Most of my interactions with her has been her degrading me and others for not being as good as her. At this point it feels more and more personal rather than in-character interactions.

Situation 1: Nanites.
I made a simple nanite setup as a roboticist whilst waiting on resources from the miners, just to keep myself busy. I got the usual healing stuff on and some utility like Subdermal ID and Monitoring. However, Catherine asked to see my nanites and I obliged. When she noticed it lacked the ability to defib a dead person she immediately demanded for the nanites to be removed from her overall and promptly left. Not offering to help me or anything, simply doing so to insult me.

Situation 2: Explorers.
I was a Explorer and simply wanted the RCD for a minute to set up a volumetric pump on it as a kind soul had shown me previously. I took it and Catherine showed up shortly after, knowing me over and stealing it. This devolved into me trying to get it back from her and telling Security she stole it. The other explorers help out and eventually after having many bottles of glass thrown on me she gets Beepskied. I take the RCD and set it up and we leave. She threaten there would be consequences. Said consequences… involved recalling our shuttle whilst in space. I and Eats-The-Sheets ended up being stranded on the derelict station, one explorer was stuck on an asteroid and the other somehow got back to the station. Sheets and I had a really interesting situation which ended up being fun as a player, but it did not soften us up for Catherine once we got back. We ended up going too a bit too far by wanting to kill her which I understand was mildly self-antagonizing as I was told by an admin in round.

Situation 3: Toxins.
Recently I’ve been trying learn toxins. And while I am not the fastest or best toxin player, I am trying to learn and understand it. This was not good enough for Catherine. Usually she would scream, knock me over and tell me she would have done it in 8 minutes. After a few failed attempts trying to do toxins and making it a plasma man sauna, I’ve finally, learnt how to do a max cap. Not with any of her help though… she would mostly complain about my setup and not help in anyway but to stress me out. Ironically, the reason I did try to learn toxins is because she and possibly others said you shouldn’t play RD if you can’t do toxins over OOC.

Situation 4: Shuttle.
After seeing The Real Captain make a shuttle I figured I’d have a go at it. Already had plans for its structure and such and what it would include. I spawned as the RD as this would give me the RD budget card to help me with the shuttle. This is of course thanks to Catherine speed running toxins in 6 minutes. I had also requested from Lucy the Xenobiologist a few stabilized metal to help with the shuttle and it would simply be a secondary project while I wasn’t needed elsewhere. However, Catherine heard this and felt excitement for once. She had previously stated to me that Science was boring to her and she would speedrun research and then mess around for the rest of the shift. So she was happy to work on a shuttle which is great, sure! She wanted a singularity on it. “Excuse me, what?” I heard with the CE about it and they said it was a bad idea. Catherine did not like hearing this and constantly bugged me about setting up a tesla. The word ‘no’ wasn’t in her vocabulary and she simply rejected the very idea of not doing it and refused to leave it for another shift. Whether or not she was truly serious I did not know. But, she was then hanging out on the shuttle and putting down wires despite being told nummerous polite and later inpolite times to leave. She refused. I called Security to it which never arrived. I tried disabling her and zip tying her and kicking her out which did not work as they were two and would disrupt it. Eventually, she did leave, but she did not stop and now wanted to yell over comms 24/7 how I am bad and the shuttle is for everyone… The shuttle I specifically asked the Captain to be given permission to construct. After the incident, and some other issues, I was tired of the whole situation after made an announcement and cryod. Congratulations, Catherine. Superior joy killer. Shuttle ended up getting at least partly built when I checked on it 30 minutes later or so.

To summerize she appears to only care about top notch efficiency and will actively degrade those who don’t know any better or ruin for those trying to learn or trying to do something interesting.

Additional Information: In all situations described here, neither of us were antagonists.


While I can confirm this is how I’ve seen them play, especially the being a dick to anyone that doesn’t do toxins exactly how they do their speed runs and the general tendency to screech about anything not optimal, you aren’t going to get anywhere without round IDs for the incidents, as admins don’t like to handle reports without round IDs and doing a general “player quality audit” by just going over all their logs would take hours for them.


You should start recording the ID of rounds where it keeps happening and remake your report then - right now, this is solely based on what your pov is & is not going to go anywhere because nobody would want to sift through random rounds in hopes of finding one of the ones you’re talking about


2023-04-15 16:35 incident where admin @prickly_tomato (Moderator at the time) has posted a note against this same player about this same behaviour attitude, while banning me due to my actions against Catherine Brown from hard critting them because of their annoyance, as far as I am aware of. Catherine Brown, so called @Ice_Type should be aware that this sort of behavior should not be suffice. I’m terribly disappointed that either Prickly Tomato has not make a note against Ice Type, or Ice Type just disregards the warning from Prickly Tomato.

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  1. what’s wrong with asking for nanites to be removed from your person? Scientists don’t have to fix your nanite setup unless they want to or RD asks them to.

  2. recalling the shuttle with the intent of leaving you stranded in space is some nasty self-antag

  3. Scientist screeching and being a jerk is not self-antagging. Bragging over her “achievements” in setting up toxins correctly is sad to see and makes me cringe a little, but it’s not evil or self-antagonizing. Don’t paint someone as a self-antagonist just because they were rude to you IC, this situation feels like a grudge report to me.

  4. If she was a scientist she has to obey your orders or else its insubordination, and grounds for potential demotion, and since she didn’t have a good IC reason to disobey you I think it’s self antag.

So only 2/4 scenarios valid IMO.

The report wasnt made for self-antagging, but a rules 7 Be Excellent to Each Other one. The first scenario is indeed something thats not inherently nefarious and @Ambiic just took it as that, from what information they provided, but the rest are indeed degrading to someone “not as good” as them in the game

We’re not going on a wild goose chase for multiple, completely separate events, over an unknown period of time, without a single round ID.

If actionable information is not provided for these situations then this report will be closed.
This does not mean that you should tag on more cases to this. If something new comes up, record the round ID, and then file a separate report please.

This scenario probably isn’t actionable unless they were notably hostile about it.
The others may be valid though.

Bee is a server that’s intended to be friendly towards newer players; allowing people to treat less knowledgeable players with hostility just for the sake of it runs contrary to that goal.

It wouldn’t be self-antag, you’re right about that. But it very well could fall under R7.

This holds little relevance to this report, and whether or not they were noted following that incident isn’t of your concern.

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Nothing. But being spiteful about it and saying they are shit and want them removed for that reason alone is just them being a dick about it.

No, no, I didn’t say they were self-antagging here? Did I?

I want to play the game, not be a fun police. But perhaps I should…

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Ok… big grudge report…

  1. I don’t remember the context of this, but I presumably wound up getting nanites unintentionally, and I don’t see this issue with not liking the risk of nanites if I don’t like the programs they come with. (Hell, tons of characters have issues with all nanites)

  2. Big, messy IC conflict. Eventually I intended to delay you with the shuttle as revenge, and did not know it had run out of fuel until way later. (It was a pretty big oh shit moment OOC, but not one big enough to make me break character) The result of two characters that don’t like to back down clashing with one another.

  3. I’m happy to teach. Just never got a chance to. Getting held up from accomplishing tasks like upgrades seems like a perfectly reasonable reason IC to get upset.

  4. I had some fun ideas for the shuttle, that I wanted to express. (This all being before you had the diamond to build anything) You responded by shooting me and flexing your authority, not even letting me talk or put down wires so I could visualise how something could work (you didn’t even have diamonds to start building yet). You flexed your authority, shot me an insulted me (IC), so I, (IC), exploited my avenues to get back at you, which wound up with me paying off about three people to join me in protest. You could have sponsored your own movement, and even gotten sec involved for disruptive actions or something, but instead you decided not to play, which is ultimately your right.

(The build your own evac shuttle is a massive undertaking, and it took me and Shion an hour and a half working together to build a feature complete one. Trying to build one alone as a high responsibility role like the RD is setting yourself up for failure.)

The image you’ve posted is of me not being able to teach someone because of me being midway into toxins. I did manage to explain a few things to them though, and speed is ultimately the only metric that matters when getting better at toxins, since going for biggest bomb is only really feasible in acacia.

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Situation 4 round ID was: 45274

You are able to reset toxins and clean it up then to teach it, announce it that you are offering it over the announcement system. Offer it to those who clearly need it and if they say ‘no’. Listen to them and let them think.

Exploration 101. Either way, then contact Command and tell them to help us instead of being dead silent until you get three really pissed off explorers.

Your way of expressing them were continuously pestering me over and over without stop. I wanted to do something and I had an idea, you’re welcome to offer suggestions but a ‘no’ is a ‘no’. Learn that. Only thing you’ll succeed in is makin’ everyone involved pissed off.

This is after listening to you for roughly 20 minutes, asking you to leave, calling Security to remove you from the area, and finally trying to remove you myself without success.

Would’ve been a great RP situation! But… then the shuttle wouldn’t get built at all, which it barely did anyway. So what’s the point? It’s like fighting over an RPD for 15 minutes because you won’t lend it away for 20 seconds. You ain’t gaining on it, neither am I and in this case I surrendered and cryod.

You just started putting down wires which to me looked like abstract art. You suggest the tesla which I said ‘no’ to several times prior. Did you really have a suggestion which did not involve a tesla?

I had still ordered things, gathered resources and etc. The diamonds are just the front of the shuttle. I wanted to make a functional shuttle, not one which is expensive but doesn’t have the bare necessities. Bottom line is, I, your boss and the one who requested to make the shuttle and got authorization by the Captain, had an idea I wanted to do. There are plenty of other shifts to do tesla shuttles for you. A ‘no’ is a ‘no’. I did not want to partake in your thing, I tried to get you away from me.

If you’re not an antag here to antagonize, then don’t antagonize people and destroy. 45286 I think you almost got the RD to pull their hair out in frustration despite not being an antag there to antagonize.

I’m not even going to bother responding. You seem to be under the impression that conflict is only okay when you initiate it, and that when someone else does it is somehow griefing. The game does not exist because to go purely to your design.

Ok now I’ve had some time to think, I can say most of this is stupid. Why?

Because unlike you, seemingly, I am playing a character. When you’re rude to someone, you’re mad OOC, and when someone is rude to you you take it OOCly.

Yes, I could give you the RPD for 20 seconds. It would be easier and would save a lot of arguing. But that’s not what Catherine would do.

Yes, I could leave you to your own devices with the shuttle.
But that’s not what Catherine would do.

Yes, Catherine is boastful and rude.
That is who she is.

Catherine is a rude, prideful, bigoted and violent woman. That is the character. You taking out of character offence to in character actions speaks more to your attitude than it does to mine.

I am here to play a character. What are you here for?

Bloody Catherine, Catherine, Catherine, Catherine.
RP isn’t the license to violate rule 7, but not only you ICly act like it, now you’re being a part of it OOCly on said violation.
I know IC you so well after the incident between you and me, now I’m avoiding you like a plague. On this report, you are in middle of a trouble from rule violation. Is this result what you really want?

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I’m not in the middle of trouble in this report, as there isn’t actionable information. It’ll most likely be closed when it gets assigned an admin. Rule 7 is an OOC rule. Players should be nice to each other, and understanding of OOC things like recent arrivals and inexperience. It isn’t mandated for characters to be nice to each other.

Rule 7 does still apply to IC actions, just with a little bit of wiggle for in-character conflicts, from my understanding. You still need to be not terrible to other people, even if it’s under the guise of RP. LOOC is recommended for checking in with other players to make sure they’re okay with how you’re treating them and all that!

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Yes but playing a total dick as your character is not an unlimited free pass to be a dick to everyone and get away with it with no rule 7.


People can of course be rude to others, that’s the whole point of antagonists, to antagonize and cause pain and destruction. However, you are not an antag. You’re just edging the line and trying to be as rude as humanly possible.

Self-antagging and being as mean as humanly possible is a character trait?

Considering your popularity here, you should perhaps reconsider that.

I’m here to play around with cool mechanics and roleplay as I do them. I love the mechanics of SS13 and I enjoy seeing interesting characters helping each other or even disliking each other. But, when is someones character consisting of only being rude, prideful, bigoted and violent crossing the line of griefing. You don’t add anythin’ to the game but makin’ people dislike you.

You’re only here to do toxins and then cryo after 20 minutes because that’s what you’ve done half the rounds I’ve kept an eye on you. Once you literally told me Science is boring.

Saying “it’s what my character would do” is known in RP circles to be a thin excuse often employed by people that just want to be assholes in RP games.

If your character is rude, disruptive, disrespectful and a roadblock to positive interactions, then your RP is not fun. It’s not enjoyable for anyone but you.

I’m hopping in here because I frequently try, via RAINCALLER and Orion, to engage and encourage positive roleplay with Catherine, and you are always dismissive of it, more interested in mechanics. At worst, you are rude and quick to escalate.

Our duty as roleplayers is to ensure that the game is more than the sum of it’s parts, that playing on beestation is an experience that is multiplicative regarding the characterisation of the crew. If you character never does anything but stonewalls and insults, that’s not a good character.


You have a very low bar of “as mean as humanly possible”. I’ve only listed the character’s flaws, because that was what was relevant here. antagonists do not have a monopoly on disagreement.

If you think all I do is do toxins then cryo, you have a worryingly selective memory.

I am absolutely open to positive roleplay. There are simply more important things sometimes.