Ice Type (& Incursion team) Player Report

CKEY: Howluinb31153

Offender’s CKEY: Ice Type

Offender’s In-Game Name: Catherine Brown

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023/23/06

Round Number: 44594

Rules Broken: R13 Antagonist Conduct

Incident Description: I missed a majority of the round due to being latejoin, but cath along with their incursion team bought a DIY cult kit (murderbone item) and proceeded to force convert into constructs a lot of people on station. They also, with their holopara, destroyed like 90% of the walls on stations for no real reason (this lead to decompression of the station in at least evac).

And the event I got to witness directly - I joined in as a cap, 5 minutes before shuttle docks. I see everything is fucked & lacks air, so I rush to cap’s room to grab the hardsuit.
While I’m grabbing the hardsuit, i find that someone took all the weapons away, and at that exact moment, Catherine Brown & Amos Bicknell barge in from behind, one with an auto shotgun, the other with holopara + combat defib. They ask me rethorically if I want to become one of their construct, I tell them to fuck off.
They murder me on the spot & RR me with cult shard “for lacking respect”, 3 minutes after i spawned (if not less), fully knowing I had no weapons because the bartender was the one who geared up w/ my locker and took all of them. Classy.

Additional Information: While I get that “heads are always valid”, they still murdered all of sec & all heads, with round removal, using a murderbone tot item with no murderbone objective (neither dagd or hijack)
But hey, at least they got a greentext, and they’re sorry in ooc that it “devolved into murderbone”, so

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Catherine had the following:

Holopara, combat medkit, cult construct, emagged defib

And perhaps more buffs too. Murderboned lots and lots of people to turn them into “employees”, a lot of those breaking escalation policy.

It was conversion, not murder, and only a handful of those were outside of lavaland escalation. Most of the early constructs were the bodies in medbay left over by the QM.

It’s not round removal if you’re not removed from the round. I was sorry because my plan was to get a few constructs, then have a bug climactic battle with sec, but the the desword wielding QM butchered the entirety of sec and I didn’t adapt in time before I already had like a third of the server as my constructs. (I converted the targets, dead bodies in medical, and a handful of extras because the original plan called for a few bystanders to be converted for the battle.) after that, I tried cooling off, and from then on further conversions were willing, allowable under lavaland escalation, though there was one or maybe two done because I was having artificers get sniped and was at risk of running out of shards and shells. You were a death resulting from RP, at the end of the round.

Holopara was meant to go to the engi, but they didn’t want it, and the carp was from Vivyan’s uplink so I could avoid getting unexpectedly shotgunned.

Is it really conversion if it’s irreversible?

Realistically brainwashes aren’t likely to be reversed. And it is conversion because it takes you from crew to subservient antag.

I did ask if they wanted to be a construct, and then I may or may not have invited them to come celebrate cult con. (I don’t remember)

Ah, so it’s a part of the medkit.

That aside, sharding after shoving is still arguably improper escalation. At least it is bad taste, hence arguable…

Escalation doesn’t apply to command staff and security, conversion is also conversion, rather than plain murder (advances goal to have a big army of constructs to protect and have as company) and non murderbone antags are allowed some isolated non objective non escalated killings.

What are you referring to here?

Isolated meaning not in mass, killing multiple people wouldn’t fit that criteria.

I feel like you’re missing the point. This all started 20 minutes into the round, the whole massacre, sharding, etc, as a wise admin once said ‘‘congrats on the frags but no one cares about that’’ because yes! Command and sec is perfectly valid to kill! however it doesn’t mean you have to rush to kill and RR them as soon as you can, Did your team made any engaging RP against sec or you just waltzed in guns blazing to take over the station? (Which the incursion eventually did, because there were one hos and two officers at max)

So the whole ‘‘cult con rp’’ only happened once everyone was dead, however if you say this mostly started with the QM going d-esword crazy then that part of the blame goes to them

From what i’ve read on discord and d-chat a lot of people got killed wordlessly with just some vague ‘‘wanna be part of the cult’’ into an immediate death… Howluinb is not wrong on the accuse of going overboard with the killings because by the 30-40 minute the round was pretty much over and a lot of people were a construct loose. Also… They arrived and died five minutes sure ‘‘disrespect’’ and ‘‘command is valid’’ but dude… At least let them try to message centcom(even if you did), let them assemble deputies and fight back, do you really think Howluinb had any fun or roleplay at all?

It doesn’t matter how much you say sorry(i mean it does but you get what i mean) as you said here,discord and OOC, because your minions are subject of the policy that their actions (killing after you told them NO MORE, bashing walls depressurizing areas,etc) are on you too, if you kill 10 people, shard them, and only give order to two three and then let the rest go rampage without explicitly telling them to do so is on you, you were supposed to supervise them and make sure they followed their orders so stuff like this does not happen, but you were more keen to hang out with your incursionists than to take care of half the server that were under your command, you had the chance to stop, catch a breath and gather them around to give proper orders (When you were at bar that you met me was the perfect time for example)

So… Yeah, Ice, you’ve recently played a lot of sec, we’ve had discussion on discord about the state of sec vs antag and now i’ve noticed you’ve had a trend of being a Chaplain ready-to-be-deputized

In my opinion, since i know you can do better, you should re-evaluate what transcurred on this round with the PoV of Command, Sec, regular station members on your mind and think:
Did they had fun?
Did they had meaningful rp that made them remember the round fondly?
What went wrong and what went good?
What can i do to improve?

And so on, this particular Incursion team went absolutely overboard with their tactics for the amount of resistance they had, and considering they never had Hijack… this is the type of incursion that are not healthy because they rush to killing and just seem to be the ones having fun, you’ve fought incursion teams like that and you’ve been part of those so you know what i mean because we’ve discussed it in discord

As for our particular encounter, since i was a traitor, got nothing to comment on it since it was my mistake for not asking who were the other members of the incursion but yeah by the end it really felt very out of control, supe syndicate take-over and… for not having hijack i think it was too much :confused:

Also sorry if it looks like i’m only beaming on you but the same things i said should mostly be for the others incursionists too



This is KermitLePog, also known as Wanders-The-Stars, reporting on my role as a virologist during the Syndicate Incursion.

As the round commenced, we promptly established contact within our group to discuss and decide upon our intended purchases. We paid particular attention to the discounted items and, interestingly, my list featured a Cult Creation Kit. After deliberation, we collectively decided to acquire it.

Once our strategized shopping had concluded, we ventured off in our respective directions. My personal goal was to collect symptoms with the intent of crafting a virus.

Roughly ten to fifteen minutes later, I returned to a Medbay overrun with constructs. The chatter over the Syndicate communication channels revealed our speedy success - we had achieved our objectives, one of which was a duplicate.

After returning, we gained All Access privileges using the HoP’s ID, a feat that considerably expanded our operational reach. We engaged in further revelries before deciding to call the emergency shuttle. I’m aware that this early extraction is typically frowned upon, however, I managed to delay the call by an additional twenty minutes, extending our control over the station.

Given our rapid objective completion and the surprisingly low resistance from security, we essentially took over the station. We made an attempt to invite CentCom to our “CultCon” event - a perfect opportunity for admins to send an Emergency Response Team (ERT). Regrettably, there were no admins available at that time.

This is when OP joined the scene. The details are blurry as to how it occurred, but they were quickly transformed into a construct, a surprising turn of events.

I understand your concerns regarding the extent of the impact our actions had on the game. However, the classification of the Cult Creation Kit as a “murderbone” item seems to be a misunderstanding. If we refer back to the Beestation GitHub repository, we can confirm that this item is not flagged as a “murderbone” item. This categorization is crucial as it directly influences the item’s accessibility in the game.

Therefore, the Cult Creation Kit is available to all players for purchase and utilization. It’s essential to note that our actions, though perhaps extreme, adhered to the rules and functionalities of the game as they currently stand.

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The QM with the destroy security objective butchered all of security, and if comms are anything to go by even tried to keep them unrevived extremely early into the shift. I then converted them because it made IC sense too, and it hadn’t dawned on me yet that that was the resistance that was supposed to make the round fun. I then did realise what hat happened, and stopped force converting almost entirely outside of people that attacked us, one greyshirt to make up for artificers getting sniped, and the captain at the end, who with 4 minutes on the evac shuttle timer, was not going to be able to assemble any resistance anyway.

On a side note, constructs are still very much who they were before, just bound to obey their creator. Why did so many get revealed to be secret vandals and murderers? A mystery.

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What I mean is that I can kill a command member if that’s the action that makes sense IC.

I feel like the last part feels like rule-lawyering the construct cult kit rather than adressing the main issue that’s being discussed here, which is the murderbone done to the crew, the wordlessly kills and quick takeover of station rather than try to do anything interesting, etc as detailed above

Antagonists are not except from the rule of you must roleplay and all relevant sections, admins will decide on logs how the team behaved, because from what the people said the whole “roleplay” as cult con, was only pushed by the Chaplain while the rest of you ran around with aa, sharpened axe and guns, in fact when you killed me i was trying to say wait but i just got punched, axed, etc to death by the entire incursion even when i spoke with Catherine earlier, but they saw my shiny armor and decided i was a valid kill, because i’m sure Catherine never informed you all that i was a syndie with hijack, that whole situation could’ve been solved by just critting me and ask me why rather than what you guys did, it would’ve been more interesting roleplay wise because at that point you guys were wandering around doing nothing, only Catherine was in the whole Cult con thing. In the end my death was a confusion and lack of communication but i had at least the key to hijack, however you Wanders were very keen on getting your hands on my gear rather than hear me out, you know better Wanders(also rushing acting cmo as incursionist is lame lol, but that’s out of the scope)

It also makes me believe by the wording of Chaplain that if i had not revealed that i was a syndie i would’ve been killed on the spot since i was surrounded by the constructs and i even mentioned how i just recently arrived but that didn’t seem to matter, luckily revealing that made me live.

Anyways admins will evaluate the rest.


Oh no cult con conversions were entirely voluntary. You were killed because you attacked one of our own.

Alright let’s see here…
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "Get the cult kit" (Chapel Office (83, 73, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "We can make our own cult" (Chapel Office (83, 73, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "Maybe" (Chapel Office (83, 73, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "Or" (Chapel Office (83, 73, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "We start killing" (Chapel Office (83, 73, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "And converting" (Chapel Office (83, 73, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "We will make a cult" (Chapel Office (83, 73, 2))
Next we see you ask mime if they want to join the cult, then immediately start attacking them.
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "Would you like to join something greater than yourself?" (Aft Primary Hallway (106, 102, 2))
ATTACK: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) has zapped Doopers5869/(Unspeakable) with the syndicate defibrillator paddles (Wielded) (NEWHP: 100) (STAM: 64) (Aft Primary Hallway (106, 103, 2))
You then kill them and shard convert etc.
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "We will make a cult" (Aft Primary Hallway (107, 103, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "Of our own" (Aft Primary Hallway (107, 103, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "We will make" (Medbay Central (105, 109, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "The ultimate cult" (Medbay Central (104, 109, 2))
Another person you ask then immediately start attacking
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "Greater than yourself?" (Medbay Central (98, 108, 2))
ATTACK: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) has overloaded the heart of Moffball/(Sutera Cordata) with the combat defibrillator (NEWHP: 50) (STAM: 0) (Medbay Central (98, 108, 2))
This next part I want to point out specifically because this is a common theme we’re seeing with you Ice Type, where you value winning far more than good RP or enjoyable interactions: For reference you are just under fifteen minutes into the round when you kill one of your targets here and take their uplink for this:
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "Martial arts are BORING" (Medbay Central (96, 104, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "But useful" (Medbay Central (96, 104, 2))
GAME: Martial Arts Scroll purchased by icetype/Catherine Brown the Chaplain for 16 TC, 2 TC remaining.
ATTACK: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) learned the martial art sleeping carp (The Sleeping Carp) (Medbay Central (94, 105, 2))

SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "MORE SHELLS" (Medbay Aft (89, 96, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "MORE CRYSTALS" (Medbay Aft (89, 97, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "KEEP 'EM COMING!!!" (Medbay Aft (88, 100, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "MORE SHELLS" (Cryogenics (83, 99, 2))

SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "We've done all we've come to do already" (Cryogenics (83, 100, 2))
This lovely bit was Eighteen minutes into the round. You did everything eighteen minutes in. Then:
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "More shells!" (Cryogenics (84, 100, 2))
SAY: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) "More shells and crystals" (Cryogenics (84, 100, 2))
OOC: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) (LOOC) "I think this was too much" (Medbay Central (91, 103, 2))
OOC: Ice Type/(Catherine Brown) (LOOC) "I got carried away" (Medbay Central (91, 103, 2))
I agree, 13 people sharded and converted in a roughly 22 player round, more may have joined later as the round went on, that is just a round start number, but if we remove the 3 incursionists that 13/19 players.
In regards to your conduct here Ice Type I do believe this to be over the top and well past acceptable without a murderbone pass, especially considering you do murder them to shard them.

but they can be reversed, unlike sharding which removes you from the round unless you play as the construct.

Logs definitely beg to differ, you constantly called for more shells and shards, and more souls. You wanted a full blown cult, not just a few converts.
So yes, I believe this to be too far for a non-murderbone antag to have converted so much of the crew just for the sake of winning.

So to wrap things up here. I think it’s pretty clear with everyone who posted here but doing this sort of thing doesn’t bring much value to the round. You already had a team, you didn’t need much more help, and you did all of this extremely earlier in the round, clearly prioritising winning over RP. While the cult construct kit isn’t inherently a murderbone item it can very quickly devolve into one when it is taken to this extreme. You have this history of playing to win every time you get antagonists, doing your objectives as quickly as possible or trying to take out as many people as you can without breaking the rules, sometimes both. All of this said:

Report Processed